2021 Whitewater Arts Alliance Members’ Show


Pictured above are the pieces in the show which were submitted by Karolyn Alexander, as shown in the virtual exhibit.

Sydney Wojcik, Assistant Editor of Arts and Recreation

The Whitewater Arts Alliance is holding its annual Members’ Shot from Friday, Nov. 19 to Sunday, Dec. 19 2021. In order to make it more accessible, this year’s show will be available in person at the Whitewater Cultural Arts Center, and online at whitewaterarts.org. If you are looking for something to do with your family and friends during this cold season, stop in or go online for this free event. 

This year’s exhibit features 19 artists and a plethora of mediums, all of which were entered into a drawing for a free year long Whitewater Arts Alliance membership. The winner, Nik Chaphalkar, a photographer, was announced on their website. Chaphalkar’s pieces consist of peaceful shots of landscape and an elegant bald eagle flying high over the treetops. 

“The woods in these photos remind me of the peace that can be found in the midst of the crazy world, leaving me feeling content,” said Cayden Wittrock, a community member who viewed the exhibit. 

Chaphalkar is not the only artist to provide the community with works of art that speak measures about the beauty that art brings to the world as artist Karolyn Alexander’s work features an abundance of bright watercolors, which focus on the color yellow and it’s complimenting tones. Her most eye-catching piece displays a large pear that bursts off the page  with a gradient effect which fades from orange to yellow to green. The backdrop of the pear appears to be pieces of various book pages, making one stop and think about why the artist may have chosen this particular background over a solid one.

“I think that the colors are very peaceful. The piece which features a pear in the center is especially tranquil,” said Paige Willer, a second year UW-Whitewater student.

Pictured above are the pieces in the show which were submitted by Nik Chaphalkar, the winner of the free WAA membership, as shown in the virtual exhibit.