Searching for Bigfoot in Whitewater


Dauntae Green, Managing Editor

The search for Bigfoot has been an ongoing mystery for many years around the U.S, but it’s also a famous cryptid creature found throughout history in Wisconsin. Besides the name Bigfoot, local Wisconsinites call the being Dogman – now a famous sighting even in Whitewater. Most Dogman sightings occur on Highway 89 between Whitewater and Delavan. The sightings have been described as seeing a humanoid dog-like creature.

Nov. 11, Irvin L. Young Memorial Library hosted a Zoom video event with the founder of The Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators, Jay Bachochin, who has been investigating the Wisconsin Sasquatch and Dogman throughout the southeastern part of the state.

Before his own experiences, Bachochin didn’t believe that Bigfoot existed until he had an encounter with one of the creatures while walking through the Kettle Moraine State Forest. Bachochin said he heard a huge, loud scream that sounded like a humanoid ape-like sound. That started him on the path to investigate Bigfoot in Wisconsin and has been doing it since 2013. The many types of encounters that he has had with Bigfoot all end with experiences that may be evidence in many ways which include over-sized human-like footprints, a video of rocks being thrown 100s of yards away next to their feet, a smell similar to rotten flesh, tree being pushed down, and tree being knocked down in the path, small tree structures created, and beady red eyes being seen from the distance. Bachochin also mentioned an encounter while on a hike with his daughter in which they saw the blurred shape of a Bigfoot running across their path. On another encounter, his wife and him saw an ape-like creature in a crouching position in the forest.

Bachochin has three rules when it comes to hiking in the forests which are safety first, know the surroundings, and have fun. He says it is important to go out there with someone, tell others where you are heading, make sure to have equipment needed with bug spray, knife, machete, first aid kit, food, compass, and water. When going into the woods, you must know your surroundings by learning the regulations, if there are hikers out, know the landmarks, the trails, the wildlife, and know the area well. And have a lot of fun by taking photos or having a good time with your friends. The equipment was little from the beginning but now he has so much which are iPhone XS Max, body cam, FLIR thermal, H1n Zoom audio, shotgun mic, night vision binoculars, red LED torch, trail cam, and 2500 lumens torch.

“I always say you know what looks cool when you’re out there you mean business when you’re out there because you’re gonna catch something. But honestly over the past well since 2000 to the end of 2013 to when I first started this to now I feel like a Borg from the Star Trek series,” said Bachochin.

Jay Bachochin is still investigating Bigfoot in Wisconsin, and now plans on communicating with many individuals  who have had Bigfoot sightings. He had a documentary called “Finding Jay”streaming on Amazon Prime, and will be having an upcoming documentary called Finding Jay 2 Beyond the Kettle in 2022 also on Amazon Prime. “Question everything. Don’t just accept an answer. Go out and hunt the truth,” said Jay Bachochin.