Greek graduates part ways from their houses


Spring 2021 Alpha Phi Gamma graduate Tiffany Xiong in her custom stoles from members of Alpha Phi Gamma.

Aaron Xiong, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

With the end of the semester rolling around, the time has come for cap and gowns to be worn for one of the most special days in a college student’s career. Graduation is a time for students to celebrate their hard work over the last four years, but to also show off what college has meant for them as well. For those that are part of Greek life, graduation allows them to show how much they’ve learned, grown, and contributed within their fraternity or sorority.

For Greek graduates, common gifts they might receive from other members within the fraternity of sorority include graduation stoles, Greek apparel, and recognition posts on social media. As one of the many sororities on campus, the Alpha Phi Gamma Charters make sure to deck out their fellow members who look towards graduation. Serving as the Director of Judicial Affairs and as the Secretary of Alpha Phi Gamma, Montserrat Cuevas explains the different gifts that their graduates will be receiving come graduation day.

“Graduates receive stoles, but who they receive it from depends on their lineage such as their Big Sister or line sister,” Cuevas said. “We also recognize them at the end of each semester at our Formal or Informal.” Gift giving is one of the most fun times for Greek graduates. Despite receiving these amazing gifts from fellow members, the emotions also run high when the time to leave college arrives. Lynnette Lee who is the Social Chair of Alpha Phi Gamma explains the emotions that members feel when others are about to graduate.

“Sure we buy them gifts such as custom stoles and stuff like that, but it’s honestly a bittersweet moment for our sisters that are graduating. The majority of my sisters who are graduating or have graduated are my line sisters so it’s a bit sad,” Lee said. “However, I know they are doing great things with their lives and I will always cherish our memories with them.” Although graduation is a special and exciting time, it also serves as a time where you’re leaving a place you called home for the longest time.

Another Greek organization that showers their members with gifts on graduation day are the brothers of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. As president of Phi Beta Sigma, Hiroko Tate explains the importance of showing love to fellow members as they prepare to embark on the next chapter of their lives.

“For graduation we can go all out in terms of gifts and ideas for celebration,” Tate says. “We make custom caps, custom stoles, special ropes, the list goes on and on. We want to make sure our brothers look great when they walk on that stage to accept their diploma.” 

As the semester winds down the final few weeks at UW-Whitewater, graduates prepare for what will likely be their last time on campus. Taking the next step into their lives and becoming alumni, Greek graduates may be leaving Whitewater, but the relationships and skills they’ve acquired will stay with them for the rest of their lives.


Spring 2021 Phi Beta Sigma graduate Darian Mims-Belnabis