Dashing through winterim

Carina Lopez, Campus News Editor

It’s the time for family, relaxation and enjoying the holidays. For many UW-W students, however, it is also about to be a fast-track abundance of knowledge. Yes, of course, it is time for winterim.

This three-week session offers intensive courses allowing students to advance, keep up or catch up.

“They help people keep on track for graduating if they’re trying to finish in four years or double majoring,” said Matthew Vick, dean of Graduate  Studies & Continuing Education. “Also for a lot of students it’s helpful because they’re able to take prerequisite classes if those are offered, sometimes it lets you get in and get a semester ahead.”

Students can take general education electives such as World of the Arts, Introduction to Public Speaking and more.  For a full schedule of courses available, click here

The most popular class with 46 students enrolled is ITSCM 306: Operations Management, according to Vick. Overall, there are 955 people registered for the class so far.

All Winterim courses are exclusively online, running from Dec. 29, 2021 – Jan. 14, 2022. Enrollment ends for all groups on Dec. 29, 2021.

Since all courses are online, not a lot of students opt for staying on campus, however, the option is there for those who choose to stay. Students already residing in Starin Hall, Cambridge Apartments, Ma’iingan Hall, Wellers Hall, Wells East and West can stay over winter break at no additional cost. 

Students that reside in any of the other residence halls and need housing during the Winterim break period will need to complete and submit a break period contract by Dec. 9.

The library will be open for winterim Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. and closed Saturday and Sunday. 

Financial aid is available for students, but varies for each person according to need. Each case should be consulted with financial aid. 

“The online classes in general charge a $50 per credit fee – most of these classes are three credits so that’s $150. That pays for the infrastructure of developing online classes. That’s the same in spring, fall, summer,” said Vick. 

Some classes do have unique tuition and are offered at service-based pricing. For many UW-Whitewater students the cost is worth the opportunity to take a winterim class.