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Local band back on track after member beats cancer

Lumberjack Steam Train is coming to Whitewater, and two of its members won’t have to travel very far for the show.

Lead singer Max Wegmann battled Hodgkin’s lymphoma and had his last treatment five months ago. He has since won the battle and is back touring with the band Lumberjack Steam Train. The band is set to perform at 8 p.m. on Sept. 28.

Bassist Augie Menos and lead guitarist Casey Musser are both UW-Whitewater students.

The band is ready to continue touring and performing “at any place that will let us play,” Menos said.

Menos is excited to get a few shows under his belt after the band took some time off while the lead singer, Max Wegmann, recovered from his battle with cancer.

“Max was going through some stuff for awhile there,” Menos said. “He had Hodgkin’s lymphoma and went through chemo and everything. It was pretty crazy; just a total shock for all of us. He had his last treatment about five months ago, and since then, he’s totally recovered. He’s back to 100 percent.”

The group has been through a lot together, and Menos has grown close with everyone involved.

“It’s definitely more than just the band; we’re all really good friends,” Menos said.

The current line-up for the group hasn’t changed since Menos joined the band as a freshman in high school. It’s been over five years since then, but he can still easily recall the story of how this current foursome came to be.

“One of my friends who played drums was working at this ski hill, and a guy he was working with said they needed a drummer for their band,” Menos said. “My friend ended up joining, and when the bassist in the band left, I figured I’d give it a shot and try out even though I’d never been in a band before. It worked out pretty well. We’ve been together now since my freshman year.”

One thing that has changed is the group’s name. They were originally “The Show,” but the members disliked how common of a band name it was. Their struggle to find the perfect name wasn’t solved until a fateful drive past Laona, Wis.

“Max was driving up north and they have this ‘Lumberjack Steam train Museum.’ We thought it was kind of cool, something different. We knew no one else would have it, so we stuck with it.”

When it comes to describing the kind of music they play, Menos acknowledged it was a complete group effort.

“It’s pretty interesting cause we all have different musical tastes, but we do share a few key ones that pretty much make up our sound I would say,” Menos said. “It’s basically straight-up rock though.”

Lumberjack Steam Train will take the stage in Whitewater after the opening act “Rico” performs.

The concert is scheduled to start at 8 p.m., and will be held Thursday in the Down Under.

SEAL is hoping for a good turnout following the success of the previous band, “We Shot the Moon.” SEAL entertainment intern Kristie Pedersen is confident about what “Lumberjack Steam Train” can do.

“I’m excited for them to play on Thursday,” Pederson said. “I’m hoping students will come and see we’ve got some pretty good talent at Whitewater too. Come out and see it.”

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Founded 1901
Local band back on track after member beats cancer