QB Meylor ‘trusts the process’ in shot at pros


Ky McCombe

Senior quarterback Max Meylor gets ready to throw the ball to another team member during the game against DePauw University Saturday, Nov. 27, 2021.

Mikey Rottier, Assistant Sports Editor

Max Meylor can easily be considered one of the most famous people in the town of Whitewater these days. The senior quarterback led the Warhawk football team all the way to the Division III semifinals, one game away from the National Championship Stagg Bowl, not to mention a runner-up finish in 2019. As the catalyst for the high powered Whitewater offense, Meylor had a remarkable year and certainly made it one to remember for Warhawk students, alumni, and fans spread across the state. 

Throwing for 33 touchdowns and over 3,000 yards with just two interceptions on the season Meylor earned his spot as a semifinalist for the Gagliardi Trophy. This award highlights the best player in all of Division III football and was awarded to Blaine Hawkins of Central (IA) College, who the Warhawks beat in the quarterfinals 51-21. Despite his success this season, he is humble and grateful for his experience at Whitewater. There is no doubt Warhawk fans will continue to root for his success as he leaves the University behind and trains for a chance to play with the pros. 

Q: What does being a Warhawk mean to you?

A: Being a Warhawk is about unity. I believe all athletes on the campus are well rounded people that care about each other and really take winning seriously. That is a really important mindset to have and that is definitely what it means to me to be a Warhawk.

Q: How would you describe your experience as QB1 for Whitewater?

A: It was a pleasure to be able to be the quarterback this past year. I like that Whitewater is a smaller community and being able to be out there representing the Warhawk family is a true blessing.

Q: What did it mean for you to have such a successful senior season?

A: It was icing on the cake. My first few collegiate years didn’t go as planned, so being able to go out there and have a lot of fun with my teammates and succeed out there, really hit home for me. I am proud of my season and our season as a Warhawk football team.

Q: How significant was the Gagliardi award nomination to you?

A: It was a true honor and a testament to our program more than anything. I was a semifinalist for the Gagliardi trophy but really it was the whole Warhawk football team as well. We were all really good and if we weren’t winning I wouldn’t have gotten that opportunity. It was an honor to me but I think it speaks more to the success and strength of the whole team.

Q: How was your experience at the Gridiron Showcase?

A: It was a great experience to play against some Power Five conference players. Being able to see the level of competition through all divisions was a very beneficial experience for me, and I was able to showcase my talent.

Q: What are your plans for the future moving forward from Whitewater?

A: Right now I have an occupational safety internship down in Janesville at Lycon cooperation that just started up recently, but I am of course still training to play football at the professional level. I am just working hard in school with my internship and working hard on my football skills. The NFL is the big goal but there is also the Canadian Football League (CFL) and the United States Football League (USFL) is also coming up. I would like to stay in North America, but one of those leagues is the goal.”

Q: What is something you learned at Whitewater that will benefit you in your future endeavors?

A: I think it would be just the Whitewater football motto ‘trust the process.’ Anything that is worth it takes time and it takes growth, and it is the blue collar attitude. You show up to work everyday and you give all you got to earn what you get. That is why ‘trust the process’ just really hits home for me. I am thankful I chose to transfer to Whitewater when I did. It is one of the best decisions I have made. I am thankful for my coaches, teammates and even the great professors I have had that helped me further my education. Finally I am especially thankful for the support of the students and the fans that packed Perkins Stadium each Saturday for us.

Whether you are a Warhawk fan or not it is hard to dislike the dedication, focus, charisma, and gratitude Meylor displays. His fans, coaches, teammates, and professors will be rooting him on as he searches for new opportunities. Whether he goes pro or not, he will always carry with him that Warhawk pride and spirit, trusting the process.