Who wants a longer winter break?


Brooklyn Stevenson, Campus News Editor

Interim Vice-Chancellor of Administrative Affairs Jeff Arnold talked to the Whitewater Student Government Feb. 1 about the budget as far as funds the university has and its sources. Despite budget cuts, it was determined that the finances were in good condition and agreed that it was safe to move forward.

“In 2020 the sort of net operating loss was about seven million dollars,” said Arnold.

However, due to some different programs and other financial support, WSG has actually been able to have a gain in 2022.

“The result was we had an eleven million dollar net operating gain. We’re projecting for 2022 that the budget is basically balanced,” Arnold said.

The meeting then turned to the subject of improving sexual assault resources and information. Senator Smith gave an update the assembly about title nine, resources, training, and the work being done to provide more resources to victims as well as to prevent further sexual assault cases. The prevention campaign in particular is an effort that will hopefully help to make sure this is a safer community for everyone. 

Further on in the meeting, they turned to the discussion of organizations asking for funds. It was then determined that organizations must provide a new service  if they request a budget increase, and cannot simply be handed the money upon request.

“So, for example, let’s say the folks in student activity and involvement ask for a five percent fee increase, but they did not plan on providing any new service. They just wanted to raise salaries for perhaps more student programs. We wouldn’t raise the fee for that,” says WSG Senator.

On another note during the meeting,  there has been a lot of talk on redoing the winter academic calendar. With a longer winter break or a later start to the spring semester, winterim courses would have more time to take their courses and more time to celebrate the holidays too. Not only would it be better for winterim courses, but other students would get a longer break in general. Almost all other UW schools start a week later than UWW does, so moving some things on the academic calendar back could be a helpful new change for students.

In closing of the meeting, the WSG encouraged students to attend the State of the University Address Feb. 22, and called on their needs for more members since there are twelve open senate seats as of right now. There will be more information to come on everything discussed at this meeting as well as more information to come on the resolution to push back the start of the spring semester.