Campus crime drops in 2020


Brooklyn Stevenson, Campus News Editor

The most recent University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Police Department Annual Security and Fire Safety Report includes with updated information since it’s original release in September 2021. The charts show a decline in both alcohol referrals and crime from 2019 to 2020.

Alcohol in the residence halls dropped from 327 to just 181. Total alcohol offenses dropped from 442 instances to 431. Reports of rape dropped from eight in residence halls and 17 total on campus to zero in 2020. Drug offenses did go up from 2019 to 2020, increasing in residence halls from 23 to 29 and total on campus from 59 to 66.

Crime also went down with reported rapes in residence halls dropping from eight to zero and total on campus from 17 to zero. Burglaries dropped in residence halls from three to zero and total on campus from seven to zero. The report includes a number of different policies, risk reduction strategies, intervention tools as well as other information about prevention. 

“Our commitment to the safety of our campus community is absolute, we seek to prevent incidents before they occur through the development of relationships and trust within our community, by educating our population on how to assist themselves and providing opportunities to change behaviors before larger concerns develop,” says Chief Kiederlen.

Kiederlen explains the police forces’ commitment and the efforts they will take in ensuring everyone’s safety and well-being. The report is not something that simply has to be done, but rather serves a purpose to educate the larger UW-W community about the level of campus safety. 

“The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (ASR) serves to provide you with factual information not only about relevant statistics, but the multitude of safety related services available on campus, information on emergency messaging and emergency preparedness, and key policies and procedures,” says Chief Kiederlen.

There is extensive information on preventing and responding to sexual assault. It is important that information and resources for cases of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking are known considering our campus has had multiple issues regarding them this year. 

There are various programs related to security available throughout the year for anything and specific programs may be set up depending on the needs of the students, according to Chief Kiederlen. 

“Young women tend to view safety on campus as one of their top three reasons for why they chose a campus,” says Chief Kiederlen. 

UW-Whitewater at Rock County again reported no crimes for the third year in a row.

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