Best of Whitewater 2022

Results of the 6th annual survey of ‘bests’

Briahna LeFave, Business & Technology Editor

This year the Royal Purple surpassed it’s goal of gathering 600 votes for the 6th annual Best of Whitewater survey that was open online from Feb. 1 – Mar. 1. You voted for your favorites, and now we’re sharing those results for the first, second and third place winners of each category. Whitewater has so much to offer thanks to its quality establishments and engaging activities, but with your help we’ve narrowed down the community favorites, and they’re getting their well deserved recognition. 

The survey has evolved a bit since last year, with the addition of a few new categories, including: Best Manufacturing Company, Best Elderly Care Facility, Best Housing Property and Best Auto Repair Shop. We’ve also lost a few contenders and gained a few new ones as some businesses have closed and new businesses opened. 

Coming in at first place for the new category “Best Elderly Care Facility,” Fairhaven Senior Services takes home the gold. The not-for-profit organization prides itself on serving the community’s elderly population, and allows a unique opportunity for seniors to advance through all stages of their golden years with Fairhaven’s Continuum of Care, which allows residents access to everything from independent senior living and supportive living apartments all the way to assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care.

Fairhaven’s Marketing & Community Relations Director Tim Probst says Fairhaven understands how vital it is to set a standard of exemplary care for seniors and facilitates a culture that reflects that importance. 

“We treat each resident with the individual care and courtesy that they deserve.  That effort carries over to the families of our residents, no matter what care level they are at within our facility.  As people age the ‘challenges’ of daily living often mount.  Their safety, nutrition, mental health and other factors often become a concern — to the resident and their families.  Our goal at Fairhaven is to add life, with dignity to their later years,” says marketing & community relations director Tim Probst.

Another Whitewater favorite taking home the gold is 841 Brewhouse for “Best Burger.” Bartender Hannah Schwane explains that 841’s burgers are the best because of their validation of customer feedback, as well as the thought and intention that goes into their creations.

“Our burgers are the best because we are always focused on improving our menu to satisfy what our customers like. We strive to serve consistent quality meals,” says bartender Hannah Schwane.

The restaurant currently features three burgers on its menu and serves them up on a brioche bun with a side of fries, coleslaw or homemade soup. Can’t choose between Mexican food or American food? The restaurant has you covered-try the ‘Ole Mex Burger that offers a spicy flare on a classic American favorite. Looking for a unique play on two of your favorite comfort foods? Try the 841 Mac Attack that offers – you guessed it – macaroni bites on your burger. If these sound a bit too wild, the Pub Burger is for you-traditional, simple, delicious. 

At 841 it’s not just good food you’re in for. Schwane says that maybe the only thing better than their burgers is their dedication to customer service. You get to eat your delicious burger while in a warm, welcoming atmosphere surrounded by staff that treat you like family (Cue the Cheers theme song). 

“Our customer service stands out because we are a small business owned by a family who is deeply involved with the Whitewater community. Our customer service shines because we care about our community. Most of the servers there are students or former students. Most people that come to 841 are there often. 841 brings the neighborhood of Whitewater together. Everyone there is a friend and a neighbor- and we treat them as such,” Schwane says.

From bars to brunch spots, to UW-W organizations to convenience stores and everything in between, there is so much to love about Whitewater. The contributions to the community made by its spectacular businesses, organizations, and of course its university are largely to thank for the charm and liveliness the city exudes.

Please go out and show all the winners of this survey your gratitude and support! See the winners for each category in the slideshow below and thank you for your participation!