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Felicity Knabenbauer, Lifestyle Editor

Not everyone will partake in an alcoholic substance this Saint Patrick’s Day. To some, the taste simply does not suit them. Some have decided to abstain from alcohol. There are also plenty of underage students at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater who are still legally unable to drink any form of alcohol. Fortunately for everyone, there are thousands of mocktail recipes online to choose from to still have some tasty drinks and socialization with friends. For those who wish to go out into town, the bars in Whitewater will still ensure the same fancy glass for your mocktail as they would any regular alcoholic beverage. It gives an opportunity to still have that glass-in-hand photoshoot without that extra spike of liquid confidence added to it.

A famous mocktail is the Shirley temple. Traditionally it is made with ginger ale, grenadine and then garnished with a maraschino cherry. To spice things up people have been known to add or replace ingredients such as orange juice, lemon lime soda and even blueberries for garnish.

Another popular and delicious mocktail is the ‘mockmosa.’ A non-alcoholic mimic of a mimosa that only calls for two ingredients just like the classic morning drink. These ingredients are of course the orange juice but they replace the champagne with a different sort of bubbly. Sparkling white grape juice is usually the way to go.

An easy non-alcoholic drink to make is a ‘virgin mary.’ Really, it’s just a bloody mary but without the vodka. For that extra spicy flavor it was suggested to add hot sauces, such as tabasco, to still give you that kick on your tastebuds. This drink can really become a whole meal depending on how it is made. It is popular to add outrageous ingredients to these drinks such as full pickles, sticks of meat, mozzarella cheese balls and so much more to dip into the tomato-y drink. The same idea can be applied to smoothies such as pina coladas and strawberry margaritas, simply leave out the alcohol and sip on something that is not only pretty but satisfying as well.

  There are so many non-alcoholic copycats of your favorite party drinks there really is no reason to miss out or bore yourself with just a bottle of water or can of soda on these special occasions. Even just slurping up a shamrock shake to start the day is all that’s really needed to bring on the Saint Patrick’s Day spirit without actually drinking any spirits.

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Cheap shots open at 9 pm

Pumpers opens at 9 pm

The college pub opens at 9 pm 

Fat jacks closes at 9 pm

Ground zero opens at 9 pm

Station one open until 2 am


A lemon bar next to a Shirley Temple made with orange juice provided by the University for students at an event.