Painting for Patty’s Day


UC live art workshop coordinator Sophia Fenger showing the students how to paint, Bob Ross style.

Felicity Knabenbauer, Lifestyle Editor

There are thousands of underage students at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater who cannot legally partake in any alcohol-related Saint Patty’s Day festivities. While they may not be able to enjoy a beer at the local pub, what they can enjoy are the many student-oriented events catered to still bring that exciting atmosphere to life. UC live found a way to make this a reality by hosting a classy Paint N’ Sip session March 9 in the University Center Hamilton room for a number of students who signed up earlier in the week. 

“We had to set everything up and that was a huge thing because we wanted to make it look nice as it is a Paint N’ Sip. Since we have never done this kind of event before we wanted to make sure it felt elegant.

A projector is used so students can easily follow along with the painting directions given to them.

We put these beautiful little jars with fairy lights in them and then put these poofs on them that look like little flowers.  Our theme for the painting is sunset mountains so it’s very peaceful and zen. This is something relaxing and that you can have fun with before midterms,” said UC live special events co-coordinator Caryana Dominguoz.

Events like these are so popular among the students it takes less than a day for the online sign up to be filled to the top line. Attempting to make these events larger ensures that less students are missing out on all the social activities that the University Center hosts throughout the year.

“We wanted another idea to combine more departments so this is technically a special event but its also an art workshop,” said UC live art workshop coordinator Sophia Fenger. “We are working with a lot more people to be able to draw in more students for this event. Just trying to bring in a different crowd. We did have full sign ups and in the past we have always had people show up and if some didn’t there are almost always walk-bys. We plan on taking pictures of students with their paintings to put on our special media and just get the word out there.” 

There was a dessert table filled with brownies and lemon bars. Next to these treats there were gold-rimmed plastic cups to pour a delectable virgin Shirley Temple made with orange juice. Art workshop coordinator Fenger painted a gorgeous mountain scene for students to either copy brushstroke for brushstroke or put their own creative twist on it. With jazz music playing rhythmically in the background to set the ambiance was the perfect environment for students to come and simply sip and paint.

“I always come to UC live events. It’s just something to do on campus that’s fun and helps with stress relief. I attended a self care event earlier in the UC. My favorites are creative events like the Paint N’ Sip so I was happy to come tonight, just relaxing. This is my self care of the day.  The mocktails were pretty good too. I also love having creative direction but also being able to pick out my own colors,” said Junior legal major Aaliya Evans.

It is good to know that there are so many opportunities on campus to socialize with other students in places other than the numerous bars in town. Everyone deserves to have a night to relax and be around friends, especially with midterms closing in on so many students. 

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