Joe is one of those candidates we need to vote for


Rob Binning, Contributer

It’s an honor to write this letter of support for Joe Kromholz for the Whitewater Unified School District School Board.

One of the biggest challenges of every school district in Wisconsin. It was created by Wisconsin Act 16 which implemented revenue limits starting in the 1993-94 school year.

Since that school year, the State Legislature determined the amount of revenue shared handed out to the more than 400 school districts in Wisconsin and it dramatically affects the Whitewater Unified School District. Joe will work with area legislators to help them understand the many challenges facing the smaller school districts in rural Wisconsin.

Many other issues come before the school board every meeting, and above all else we need to elect people with common sense. Joe is one of those candidates we need to vote for. We have a diverse student population, we have a large percentage of students who come from low average income households, and we have students that need to be challenged to reach their full potential. 

We have excellent teachers and administrators in all five buildings, and we have a strong, education-based school board, and adding Joe to the school board only will add to the great education our kids are receiving.

I’m voting for Joe Kromholz. 

Ron Binning,