Former softball player converts to golfer


Mikey Rottier, Assistant Sports Editor

Dual sport athlete Emma Norton became a Warhawk this fall, after she completed her freshman year at Quincy University (Ill.) in 2021. Norton decided she needed a change and in addition to transferring schools, she also decided to change sports. After talks with the head coach of the UW-Whitewater women’s golf team, Andrea Wieland, Norton made the decision to play golf as a Warhawk.

“I committed to Quincy University the fall of my senior year to play softball and that has kinda been my dream. It turned out not to be the right fit for me, both mentally and athletically, so I decided to come to Whitewater,” Norton said.

The camaraderie of the Warhawk golf team gained Norton’s attention. Despite state of the art facilities and decades of athletic success, it was the team atmosphere that peaked her interest in Whitewater.

“From talking to Coach Wieland, her personality and my personality really fit and all the girls are awesome,” Norton said. “All the girls are awesome and I just wanted to be a part of a program that has the chance to win a National Championship.”

In addition to having played two sports at the collegiate level, Norton is also skilled academically, something that she took into consideration when she chose to come to Whitewater. Throughout her three semesters of college, Norton has maintained a 3.9 GPA. 

“For me I started looking for a school that would be the best academic fit. I am a business major and obviously the business program here is really good. Academics have always been something I have strived for excellence with. I always try to be a student first and then an athlete and all my coaches are big advocates of that,” Norton said.

Norton always dreamed of playing softball at the collegiate level and was given the chance at Quincy her freshman year. Unfortunately Norton suffered a series of injuries from softball so she decided to switch it up and play golf.

“With softball I had a lot of injuries, and I was in physical therapy for most of last year. I decided I would pick a sport that was easier on my body and I love golf,” Norton said. “It is cool because it is something that I can play for the rest of my life and just getting to play that in college is a really awesome experience that I am lucky to have.”

Norton has worked hard this year and is continuing to improve her golf skills. She has high hopes about the team and their potential.

“For me, I just want to keep getting better throughout the season and growing my game. The top five are going to Houston and I think we would all love to see them make a run in the National Tournament,” Norton said. “I am just looking forward to more time spent with my teammates and just being able to play for the rest of my career at Whitewater.”

Norton will be cheering on her fellow Warhawk golfers as the top five look to compete in the National Tournament at Bay Oaks Country Club in Houston, TX. The tournament lasts three days starting Tuesday, May 10.