Warm weather eats and outdoor dining


Katie McIlheran

Newly reopened Casual Joe’s BBQ offers plenty of outdoor seating at picnic tables for customers all summer long.

Briahna LeFave, Business & Technology Editor

Restaurants with outdoor seating and refreshing menu options are the perfect way to soak in summer, and Whitewater has plenty of options. 

During the fall and winter months people tend to crave heartier foods and foods that are warm and rich with spice. It has even been suggested in articles such as “Seasonal rhythms of human nutrient intake and meal pattern” written by JM de Castro, that we seek out more calorie dense comfort foods during the fall and winter months due to a biological instinct to pack on insulation and store energy as our ancestors once did to survive the cold seasons. As tasty as they might be, the desire for comfort foods like stew or mashed potatoes and hot beverages tends to taper off a bit as we get through the holiday season and begin looking forward to spring and summer. 

“I suggest a delicious wrap on the menu, making lunch even more refreshing in the heat,” says 841 Bartender Hannah Schwane. 

Spring and summer warmth tends to leave us craving fresh, lighter foods and beverages that leave us hydrated to endure the heat. Whitewater’s 841 Brewhouse has delicious outdoor dining and specialty drinks! 

“Order the Vegetarian Wrap and ask for no butter, cheese or egg. Then ask to add sesame ginger dressing and a side of sweet potato fries! Enjoy the wrap with a Tito’s dirty martini, extra dry, extra dirty,” says Schwane.

When searching for meals that feel like summer, look no further than the newly reopened Casual Joe’s BBQ. The smoked apple salad is made with locally sourced organic greens, smoked candied nuts, blue cheese and fig dressing. There’s also Korean BBQ pork nachos made with pickled onions and feta, or for a meat-free summertime favorite try the vegan brat.

In addition to wanting summer flavors, dining outdoors is a summer staple, and for many is something looked forward to all winter long. Whitewater has a wide selection of eateries that offer an outdoor dining option. Eating outdoors allows us to boost our intake of vitamin D and the fresh air can help lower stress and anxiety levels. Restaurants like Taco Fresco, The Black Sheep and The Sweet Spot Café offer sidewalk dining, while establishments like Second Salem Brewing Company and Binggs Restaurant offer designated outdoor dining areas. Dining outdoors can provide the perfect setting for combining great food and company while taking in that much needed sunshine.