Follow what makes you happy

Follow what makes you happy

Logan Komprood, Advertising Manager

My time at UW-Whitewater has been quite spectacular!

I did not have the typical college experience that most UW-Whitewater students have. I began my college career at Madison College where I studied Mechanical Engineering. There were few extracurricular activities to participate in, and that affected my work in the classroom in a negative way. I was told by my advisor that I was not suited to be a student and that I should pursue a career in the trades.

Rather than letting this moment in my life set me back, I decided to use it as motivation to pursue an Advertising degree at UW-W. The first day I was on campus, I attended the Warhawks at Night event where I met a few of my closest friends! This opened my eyes to what the college experience could be like for me. I attended events on campus and participated in intramural sports even though these activities were not always popular among my peers, but I continued to participate because I met so many great people and created so many wonderful memories! This kept me more active and happy, which transferred over to my success in the classroom. I then continued to join more student organizations and I worked a few amazing jobs on campus.

My biggest take away from this amazing experience has been to stay active and participate in what makes you happy. If you have a passion for badminton, join the badminton club. If you have a passion for art and music, show off your creativity to other students with your passion. Even if your friends or roommate would rather do something else, that’s totally fine. We are all different and have different passions and motivations. I was not in a good headspace at Madison College because I let my friends decide what was okay to do for activities. So my advice to incoming students is to follow what makes you happy and I promise you will prosper!

Thank you,