Citizens run to prevent drunk driving


Participants begin the Run for Trey with a quick pace(Photos by Rori Leonhard)

Rory Leonhard, Lifestyle Editor

Citizens gathered at Treyton’s Field of Dreams located on Starin Road for a memorial 5k in honor of the late Treyton Kilar. The Run for Trey included the option for participants to either walk or run, as well as be accompanied by their friendly, and furry friends. The event included balloons, raffle prizes, bounce houses, obstacle courses and food for all to enjoy at their leisure.

Friends, family, and community members gather for the 5K (Photo by Rori Leonhard)

“Not a day goes by that we don’t miss him so much,” Kindyl Kilar said, paying tribute to her younger brother before the race. “Destructive decisions can and do injure and kill, but each new day also gives us hope that we can send a message of making this world just a little safer. Treyton would have wanted that for all of us.”

On September 2, 2010 a drunk driver struck and killed six-year-old Treyton Kilar while he and his family were on the way home from his sister’s volleyball game. Treyton was just a month away from celebrating his seventh birthday when he was killed. Classmates, friends, and loved ones from all areas of Treyton’s life came together to provide support for his family during this tough time and suggested that they help Treyton achieve his dream together. 

Cyndi Bennett and her family are walking the trail in memory of Trey. Her husband helped build specific parts of Treyton’s Field of Dreams, and her kids have played baseball in the field prior to the race. Because of this, the family believes it is very important to keep Treyton’s story known out of respect for him and his family.

“Since Trey was so young, I feel like my boys relate to that,” Bennett said, emphasizing the importance of the familial environment this event provides. “We can bring them down and keep Treyton’s memory alive with them.”

All kinds of colorful shirts for the runners to choose from (Rori Leonhard)

Treyton’s Field of Dreams – a youth-sized major baseball league field – provides both a space for individuals to enjoy the sport, as well as scholarships for the local high school. The project could not be made possible without the coordination of Molly and Dan Fuller, the Kilar family, and all of the support from the community.


“Treyton loved baseball, and he loved sharing the game with people,” father of Trey Mike Kilar said, reflecting on the turnout for the 2022 Run for Trey fundraiser. “Every year I am just amazed. It’s great to see . . . the sense of community we built since day one, but it’s even more enjoyable to see new families that are learning about Treyton’s Field of Dreams, why it was built, and the story behind it.”

Donations can be made to the Whitewater Community Foundation or through Treyton’s website at Events similar to the Run for Trey are held all throughout the year for individuals to attend in support of the family. For more information, visit the site provided. All donations and support is appreciated by the community.

Laney poses for the press in support of the Kilar family (taken by Rori Leonhard)
A statue in memoriam of Treyton Kilar(Photo by Rori Leonhard)