What’s up in the Down Under?

Open Mic Night


Katie Popp

Senior Cadin Koeppel showcases his talents for the crowd at the UC on Thursdays’ open mic night in the Down Under, singing country songs and playing guitar

Sarah Smith, Assistant Editor

Senior occupational safety major Cadin Koeppel showed off his singing while playing guitar Thursday night Oct, 20 to a packed house in the Down Under for Open Mic Night. Students joined in the fun to share different talent acts such stand up comedy, poetry readings, playing instruments and singing. Koeppel performed well known country songs by Morgan Wallen, Florida Georgia Line and more.

“I consider myself a campfire guitarist, so I perform in front of people on occasion in both laid back settings and show settings,” Koeppel said. “My favorite part of performing is being able to play music that people enjoy listening to and want more of down the road. It makes me feel good when I see the audience singing along.”

Events like these provide an opportunity for students to showcase their talents, enjoy the performances of fellow students and spend time with friends. Freshman early education major Cait Gehrke shared a poem onstage during the event.

“I chose to do poetry because it is something I have wanted to perform for years, but never felt I was ready to actually get up and do,” Gehrle said. “This performance was unique to me because they were poems that I had written myself and that incorporated pieces of my reality, all the way from my happiest memories to the darkest ones as well.”

Although these events can create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for those attending, it can also bring meaningful and emotional experiences to light and allow for students to share their thoughts, feelings and struggles on a deeper level. The events are a safe space for students to express themselves in many different ways.

“I’ve always loved music since I was a kid, it was something that was instilled in me,” freshman social work major Claude Higgins said, “It feels good to showcase my talent, loving peoples reactions that I get from it makes me feel amazing.”

While some students who perform at these events are used to showcasing their talents in front of crowds, other students only do their talent as a hobby and do not have experience in front of crowds. They can be a good opportunity for students to perform in a way they may never have before and to display their talent to their friends and peers in a more social setting.

“Open mic night gives the student body the chance to express who they are,” Koeppel said. “It gives me the opportunity to showcase my voice and play a little guitar on the side. It can be a great way to push people out of their comfort zone and gain confidence by being in front of a big group of people. Get a group of your friends and sign up for acts, it makes the experience a lot more fun and you’ll have a group of familiar faces backing you up the whole time cheering you on.”

UC Live events continue every Thursday in the Down Under and are available for all students to attend. The next event will be a show by comedian Brent Pella on Thursday, Nov. 3 at 7 p.m.