How do you honor Veterans on Veterans Day?


Army ROTC Cadet Conner Young

To honor a veteran on veterans’ day is simple. When you see one, thank them. This small deed can go a long way. Reach out to family members that served and thank them. Reach out to a neighbor that may have served and thank them. Our veterans haven’t always felt honored, which is quite sad. Veterans of the Vietnam era came home to a not so welcoming America. The homecomings that you see in the media now did not exist back in the days of Vietnam. Instead, those veterans were spit on and cursed upon. I encourage everyone to thank a veteran no matter the day. They are worth our honor. – Junior Legal Studies major, Cadet of Army ROTC Conner Young

Veteran’s Day is a time that was set aside to recognize those who have served our country with courage and honor. In my mind, Veterans day is a time to pay respect to those who have made sacrifices in defense of our nation and our way of life. I believe that it is important for the Veterans in our UW-Whitewater community to stand up and be recognized for their service and to take pride in all of their achievements! – Veterans Services Coordinator Kris McMenamin