Have you stuck to your New Year’s resolutions?


Sophie Michels

My New Year’s resolution was to spend money on experiences and not on going out to eat or clothes I don’t need. I would say that I have been sticking to this resolution because I have planned a couple of exciting trips this year already and I am very happy my money is going towards that knowing I will have memories that will last forever. I have also been sticking to it by finding new recipes that look good so I don’t spend money on going out to eat and enjoy the food that I have at home. – Senior Social Work major Sophie Michels


Ella Bathke

My New Year’s resolution: learning to put myself first, has been more than successful so far. I have stuck to my goals and have been on a wonderful journey of self respect and love. I have lots more planned for myself in the upcoming months and am working hard to achieve my goals and aspirations to improve my future. My excitement for the rest of 2023 is high and I look forward to seeing where my resolution continues to take me! – Junior Psychology major Ella Bathke


Grace Weber

For my 2023 New Years Resolution, I promised myself that I need to say “yes” more. I spent my winter break taking a J-term class in Italy where I said “yes” to so many new things! This concept changed my life! Saying “yes” led me to an unbelievable journey in Italy with memories I’ll never forget! – Senior Communication Sciences major Grace Weber