Spring fashion trends


Katie Zee

colorful array of sweaters for a Wisconsin Spring

Katie Zee, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

If you’re tired of winter and need something to look forward to this spring, then taking a look at how to update your closet for the coming season may help. Here are three predictions based off of Pinterest, TikTik, Vogue, and my own opinions on what people will be wearing.

The “preppy” style is a strange one because the name has shifted meaning. You may think of preppy as sweaters over collared shirts, argyle print, neutral and muted colors, and other elements that mimic or reference a classic school uniform. Well, preppy in 2023 takes on a new look. It’s associated with brighter colors, specifically pinks, yellows, blues, and oranges. The style can be dressed up or down. Short flowy skirts and dresses are a staple for the former, and brightly colored sweatpants and sweatshirts for the latter. Since the style is slowly rising in popularity and it creates an aesthetic that is more suited for warmer weather, I predict that we’re going to be seeing some preppy outfits this spring.

The next style that I see taking some precedence this spring is what is being called “mermaidcore.” As the name suggests, the style is oceanic and takes inspiration from the fantasy sea creatures. You can expect to see shell and pearl jewelry, shades of soft blue and green, and wavy hair. The soft color pallet is perfect for spring and I can see it lasting through summer as well.

There’s been a rise in purchases of the Sentro knitting machine, a relatively inexpensive and fast way to knit. So, I predict that we’ll be seeing more knitted tops and cardigans. The interesting thing about trends like this is that stores tend to follow them by making garments by machine that are meant to look handmade. Careful when buying crochet from big retailers, though! Crochet is different from knitting because it can only be made by hand and there’s been talk of companies using unethical labor to create crochet pieces to sell. 

Only time will tell what will happen in the fashion world this spring, but what do you think will be popular as the weather warms up?