Loads of updates after winter break


Libby Nabhan

New depute speaker, Zimmerman, takes the stand.

Libby Nabhan, Assistant Campus Editor

Braving the winter weather, the Whitewater Student Government met for the first time since last semester on Jan. 30, after a long and well needed break. Beginning directly at 7:01 p.m. in the UC, room 259, there was a lot on the agenda. Many topics were covered during this meeting, including the updates from interim chancellor John Chenoweth and the nominations and elections of senators, new speaker of the senate and the deputy speaker. The main topics discussed included economics of the school, students, and general updates for the upcoming semester. 

Starting off with the updates from over break, Chenoweth explains what is happening economically; this includes explaining the tuition levels being set in April of 2023 instead of June or July, this will help to show incoming students their tuition. The legislative information explained is that the talk of Winther and Heide being remodeled is coming up in chats with the construction crews, and will hopefully begin during the upcoming school year. Economically speaking, the school is beginning to use the fees as a way to continue to put the best foot forward this upcoming year. 

“Normally, ninety percent of our revenue comes in at the end of January,” said Chenoweth, on the topic of tuition as previously mentioned. This brought up discussions of segregated fees, because the biggest project from spring semester 2022 was creating free events and including these payments in segregated fees, encouraging the senates to do another event that fits. These are called the ‘task forces’ which include focusing on diversity in students and mental health of the students on campus. These tasks are being taken on by each organization, and will begin to help students of different backgrounds. 

Along with giving updates on this upcoming semester, there were nominations for the new speaker of the senate. “This is about leading a senate and bringing our voices and perspectives together,” said Justin Wesolek, the previous speaker of the senate. He was nominated for a 4th semester in a row, with an overwhelming majority vote of 17-0. He came to stand and explained that he isn’t doing this job for the title, but to be able to speak for the students that don’t think they have a say. His leading points are that the “public servant is to serve the public,” and that his goal is to go to Rock County campus and begin to include their perspectives throughout the senate. 

This meeting, along with making Wesolek the speaker of the senate, they also inaugurated many senators into the senate after break, and of these people, they also elected the deputy speaker. Chase Zimmerman, member of the senate, was elected again to be in this position. Having the ability of the senate to agree and vote on their speakers is something that encourages them all to think about their future. 

Overall, this meeting was filled with updates and new members, while the old members began to let new senators in. WSG holds their meetings each week in room 259 of the UC, and each begins at 7pm; to find out more information, visit the Whitewater student Government website.