The future of the Equity Diversity and Inclusion


Vanessa Perez EDI

Vanessa Perez, EDI

As you know, I have the pleasure of serving as our university’s new Assistant Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, where I oversee and partner with our identity-based student support programs, several scholarships as well our university’s High Impact Practices.  As I’ve gotten acclimated, it has been really energizing to learn about the great work taking place within our division and across campus, the appetite for innovation and the thoughtful, inclusive and student-centered approach our colleagues employ in their daily service. To answer your question, the vision for EDI will be co-created in the year ahead, by our divisional leadership and staff, our students and the greater campus community.  In the interim, my priority has been centered on developing a strong pulse on our programs, needs and opportunities, the communities we serve, as well as a historical, comprehensive picture of our university’s diversity infrastructure.  This, partnered with institutional data and current scholarship, will also aid in the creation of our inaugural action plan, to facilitate accountability and ongoing measurable progress.