Who did it?

Murder Mystery


Libby Nabhan

Hollywood mafia members head to the front to get interrogated for the murder.

Libby Nabhan, Community Editor

Held on the haunting night of Feb. 24, the wind hit the windows of the Old Hamilton Room, as a “murder” occurred. Chris Evans has been killed at his own party! When the students headed into the party, they each received a celebrity name, this would help to keep everyone anonymous and help with the act that continued. As the party progressed, students could volunteer to head to the front to be questioned, and some of them were celebrities that were in the mafia, and some were chosen at random. The goal of this event was to find the ‘murderer’ and as the party continues, more Chris’s die; including Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth. This act was put on by two of Hollywood’s best detectives, Detective Butter and Detective Crisco. 

“The UC events are for students to come and relax; this event was the one we were most excited about as it is a fun act for students to do and ‘compete’,” said Elizabeth Garthwaite, the program specialist for the UC live events. This event was set on a friday, and was available to any student at UWW, and began sharply at 7 pm, with the ‘murder’ of Chris Evans, and then the game was afoot. The theme of the party was ‘hollywood party’ therefore as everyone had a celebrity name, we were all trying to help solve this murder mystery. And as the audience was prepping to find clues, the detectives began to lighten the mood with puns, and included ‘he pastaway’ as the one to help the audience get prepared for solving this murder.

There were clues that were planted throughout the area, one of which was a set list, and the other was a message that had to be encoded by a celebrity. These clues were to help figure out which celebrity at the party was the ‘murderer’. Then, we were all given papers to draw what the suspect looked like, which was a way to get the audience involved, and then the murder was solved. TOM CRUISE DID IT, he didn’t like that Chris Evans was more popular than him. 

Quote 3: “I think this event was super fun because we got to be involved with solving the mystery while still having a good time getting out of our dorms,” said Luke Touissaint, a sophomore, about why he liked this event. He attended because it was a Friday night and didn’t want to stay in, and decided that he would come see what the hype was. He thought that being chosen to be a random celebrity was a good way to incorporate not only animosity but also to get the students involved. Overall, this event was a hit with the students because it was a time to relax while being away from their dorms on this chilly night. 

This event was something that was planned as one of the main events for the students because it is something that they are able to not only attend but participate in. Overall, students enjoyed the mystery aspect along with the ability to meet others interested in these types of events as well. To find out more information about the UC events, visit https://www.uww.edu/uc/events_entertainment/uc-live . They host events each Thursday in the down under or in the Hamilton Ballroom. C