Common Council discusses city projects


Whitewater Common council board members meet to discuss city matters.

The Whitewater Common Council met Feb. 21 to discuss options for the Starin Water Tower, provide updates on building projects around the city and to provide voting numbers for the primary elections. 

The City of Whitewater announced the election results of the spring primary on Feb. 21, for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. There were a total of 1,495 ballots cast, with 456 of them being absentee ballots. The general elections for the Wisconsin Supreme Court will be held on April 4. The Whitewater School District primary elections also took place, and the general election will also be held on April 4.

Starin Water Tower

Around a year ago, the Common Council authorized a structural analysis report on the Starin Water Tower, which was completed in early January of 2023. The analysis report was presented to the Public Works committee. The report indicates that the tower is in generally good condition, while some elements of the tower are in worse condition. Such elements include the belt courses on each of the tiers, the entryway, and the girders. 

“There’s stone cracking and deterioration primarily at the belt courses on each of the tiers, cracked stone around the entry, bad mortar joints on the exterior and interior, and some of the steel supporting girders show corrosion,” said Public Works Director Brad Marquardt.

Some estimates were given for the reparation of these elements, along with an estimate from the PSC about the comparison between the water utility rate and demolition of the tower. That number was approximately around $600,000. Estimates for the maintenance of these elements were given to be approximately $950,000 to $1.1 million if done in one construction season. If done in three different years, the cost was up to $1.5 million.

Whitewater Aquatic and Fitness Center

The Whitewater Aquatic and Fitness Center got some new updates to it. The city sent out membership surveys to get feedback on how to better provide services to the members of the center. The city installed a scanner outside of the main entrance so members can scan their card to get into the building. The city also installed cameras at the entrances, exits, and other areas inside the building due to the center opening the fitness area up 24/7 starting in March. For more information on the changes to the aquatic center, visit their website here.

Dollar General

For the past few months, Whitewater has been building a Dollar General, and now it is finished. “The Dollar General is set to open up in a few days. I don’t have the exact date, but it should certainly be before the end of the month,” said City Manager John Weidl.

From the repairs and maintenance of the Starin Park Water Tower to the Whitewater Aquatic and Fitness Center, the common council is looking for ways to improve the lives of the citizens of the city along with making sure the city stays up to standards.

Common Council meetings are held every second and fourth Tuesday of the month. For more information about the Common Council, and to view previous meetings and minutes visit the website.