Trendiest spots in Whitewater


Felicity Knabenbauer

There are a variety of trendy spots in Whitewater, such as the Barista Cat café, where residents frequent often to give and get attention from cats and kittens.

Felicity Knabenbauer, Community Editor

Those who pass through Whitewater may see its small-town charm but can rarely appreciate its trendier side that residents have access to on the regular. The city of Whitewater has never been simply a sleepy little college town but instead a spot for innovation, style, and fun.

The Library

Finding trendy activities to partake in is never a difficulty with Irvin L. Young library’s  many events throughout the year. Recently learned you have a passion for the ever-growing hobby of crocheting or playing the recently revived game of Dungeons and Dragons? What about partaking in popular journaling workshops or learning 2023 gardening tricks from a master gardener? Then this would be the spot to search for that next big thing for youth, family and friends to enjoy.

Cravath LakeFront park 

Cravath LakeFront park is known for its gorgeous scenery and nature filled lakefront. What it also possesses is a large pavilion regularly used for concerts and other important community activities in town such as the Polar Plunge. 

Barista Cat Cafe

Themed cafes have been popping up all over the country. Hipster, gaming and paint-and-sip cafe’s are just a few of the clever and kooky cafe’s that savvy business owners have created for their towns’ pleasure. Whitewater has its own trendy cafe with the Barista Cat Cafe on Center St. This cafe not only carries coffee and sweets but also nearly a dozen friendly furry cats on any given day. While felines are always in fashion, cafe’s like these are far and few between with this one being the only cat cafe in southern Wisconsin. With already 25 cats adopted into their forever homes since Feb 4, 2023 this cafe has become an important staple to the community’s trendy side.

Whitewater Farmers Market

There has been a recent uptick in health consciousness over the past few years. The need for organic, locally grown products is more in demand than ever before. Fortunately for the Whitewater community, it hosts both an indoor winter farmers market and outdoor market for the warmer seasons. 

UW-Whitewater campus

 UW-Whitewater is filled to the brim with constant new and trendy clubs, sports and more. The fastest growing sport in the U.S is Pickleball. The UW-W Pickleball club is also growing in popularity as the group hosts practices and fundraisers on the regular. The Greek fraternity and sororities on campus are also keeping it fresh by consistently hosting chic events such as Zeta Phi Beta’s annual fashion show.

With so many incoming and outgoing students joining the community every year there is always a bit of spice added to each event they cater too.