Garden grows community

Felicity Knabenbauer

There are not an incredible amount of recreational activities that just about anybody can partake in. When summer comes rolling around many communities look forward to one of the most accessible hobbies out there: gardening. Whitewater is no different with the local community garden. Crafted in 2009, “30 plots are available to the public with the idea of bringing together community members of ​all ages ​and cultures in the Whitewater area.” Located at 1201 innovation Dr. The Whitewater Community Garden (WWCG) has long been a staple of the community. To learn more visit the website,

WWCG member Jennifer Zamora shows off her hands after some hard work in the Whitewater community garden.

“Our community garden is located just outside of Whitewater in the industrial park. In order to get to it, it’s kind of a little bit of a trek. However, anybody is allowed to apply, as long as they are Whitewater residents. Access to the community garden is something that a lot of people don’t know about and I even used to promote it at the downtown city market. It definitely is something that is available to all of Whitewater and there’s always going to be one person who is really responsible for the plots,” said WWCG member Jennifer Zamora. “I believe that Whitewater can utilize that and I try to help people too. Usually when you first start gardening, you have a million questions. On the website I have a blog and I kind of explain that too. Sometimes you kind of have to just do it and make mistakes but that’s okay, it’s how you learn.”

Lemons boy tomato plants for sale to plant at the WWCG.

One of the best parts of gardening is that your hard work pays off with some deliciously organic and home-grown produce. You can even grow them within your own home using a window box planter. There are also a variety of produce plants that thrive inside the temperate environment within most homes such as hot peppers and microgreens.

“I like being connected with nature. Growing my own produce is really entertaining and fun for me. I really enjoy cooking as well so nothing is more satisfying than cooking with my own produce. It’s kind of just a nice way to ease your mind and have some stress relief. Getting your hands in dirt and doing a type of mindless activity is great for anybody to do. Even someone with a disability can garden, it just depends how they do so.”

For an even simpler garden creation, build a mini terrarium. There are also easy to maintain plants such as cacti and succulents that do not care if you have a green-thumb or not. All that matters is you remember to water your leafy friends every once in a while.

“I really enjoy the aspect of being outside and helping contribute to the environment,”said UWW Garden club’s social media coordinator Callie Broaddrick. “There are so many different kinds of plants. There are some that are really easy to take care of and low maintenance. While others are more intensive plants that are for more experienced gardeners. If you’re more interested in gardening for vegetables than you can do that or if you’re more interested in flowers or herbs you can go for that too.”

The Whitewater community garden with the sun shining over a plethora of plants and produce.

With summer hot on our heels it is wonderful to know that a recreation for all is available to keep our minds and bodies nourished and entertained for weeks to come.