What are your Easter traditions?


Over Easter weekend I always decorate and eat lots of hard boiled eggs. The only exception to this tradition was one year when we left them on the counter and my dog ate all of them– it was tragic. I also always get together with extended family for brunch which is a tradition I wouldn’t give up for anything! – Junior English and Writing and Publishing Majors Mel Gerbitz

Some Easter traditions that I do with my family is that we all go to church together. We also have dinner together and we play all kinds of card games. We all come together with everyone being back home and it’s always nice to spend time with one another. – Senior Art Education Major Brooke Adamczyk
One of my favorite Easter traditions is playing the board game “One Night Ultimate Werewolf”. I go to my boyfriend’s family’s house and we all eat dinner together and then play this board game. It is my favorite to all be laughing at each-other and catching each-other in the fun lies. A board game may not seem like a fun Easter tradition, but I am thankful it is one of ours! – Freshman Special Education Major Layla Nowak