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Fairy-tale goes on the road

The Theatre/Dance Deptartment will present a new look for a household fairy-tale character in “Cinderella! Cinderella!”

The play was written by Edith Weiss and directed by Dr. Charles Grover.

SanFillippo ad Maasz perform the classic sence from the fairy-tale when the Prince finds out the glass slipper belongs to Cinderella. Photo submitted

“The story is pretty much traditional,” Grover said. “But the author adds a few things that are different.”

“Cinderella! Cinderella!” is meant to show children that true beauty comes from being strong, self-confident and kind, not from makeup, magic and fancy clothes.

Senior Hayley SanFillippo will be playing the role of Cinderella. She has been involved in theatre from a young age, and has been involved in the campus theatre program for the past three years.

“It’s a children’s play,” SanFillippo said. “We’re making sure that we are presenting the play [so] that it is really recognized by the kids so they appreciate it.”

The play consists of the primary characters in the “Cinderella” fairy-tale; Cinderella, her stepsisters, the Prince and the absent-minded Fairy Godmother. The play will also involve some new characters, such as Cinderella’s cat, Tom.

Sophomore Tiffany Tresemer will be playing the Fairy Godmother. From a young age, Tresemer has been very involved in theatre.

“It’s more about Cinderella standing up for herself,” Tresemer said. “It’s a really good story. It’s not just for children; it’s different than any other ‘Cinderella’ that you may have seen.”

Sophomore S. Atticus Maasz will play the role of the Prince. His part will be a transition from other roles he has been involved with in the past. He grew up around theatre, his mother being a former theatre major at UW-Whitewater.

“It’s a very different take on the ‘Cinderella’ play,” Maasz said. “It addresses some issues that the Disney version didn’t and is much more educational.”

The play has eight different actors involved and they perform one or two shows a day for a week.

The traveling show goes as far as Illinois but stays within a 40-mile radius of Whitewater. The group goes out in the morning but still returns by the afternoon.

The group will also end the tour performing for a weekend at the Racine Theatre Guild. Other stops are schools in Janesville, Walworth Elementary School, and a school in Burlington.

They perform twice on Friday night and three times on Saturday and Sunday in Racine before returning to Whitewater and the end of the series.

The primary reason for the traveling show is to give theatre students and designers a real-world experience of going on tour. Previous traveling shows include, “Calico Tiger” and “Winnie the Pooh.”

Facepainting sponsored by the Whitewater Arts Alliance will be offered before the show at 1 p.m.

Admission to “Cinderella! Cinderella!” is $6 for the general public and $4.50 for students and people 18 and under. The UW-Whitewater showing will take place at 2 p.m. on Oct. 29 at the Barnett Theatre.

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Founded 1901
Fairy-tale goes on the road