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Striving to save the aquatic center

Caryana Dominguez
Janie Anderson enjoys teaching her “Water Aerobics” class at the Whitewater Aquatic Center.

The Whitewater Common Council and the Whitewater Unified School District Board of Education organized a meeting to discuss Whitewater’s Aquatic and Fitness Center negotiations in their latest meeting on July 13, 2023. 

By putting together the Save to Aquatic Center Committee and gaining publicity, the WFAC can grow its members in and around the area and can continue as Whitewater’s main center for aquatics and fitness. 

The Whitewater Aquatic Center first opened in 2001 after years of planning, fundraising and countless hours of work by a group called SWIM (Setting Whitewater in Motion). The Whitewater Unified School District provided land while the City provided $2,000,000 through a bond issuance and the public members contributed over $3.5 million. 

The 15 year agreement expired back in 2016, under a new five year agreement between the city and WUSD. The City of Whitewater Parks & Recreation Board deduces responsibility for the operations. 

In December, 2022 the Common Council began to discuss negotiations with WUSD for an improved agreement. The estimated costs of the renovations are about $1.3 million. 

In January, 2023 the School Board converse about the agreement. The board expressed positions that include renovations and maintenance are the city’s responsibility and need to be fixed in order to move forward with creations of a new agreement. 

“In order to make the necessary updates and changes to keep the Aquatic Center current and the type of facility that Whitewater wants and deserves,” said the school board.

The first meeting of the committee was held back on March 2, 2023. The purpose of that meeting was to present reports about memberships, marketing strategies, financial condition of WAFC, to hear public comments and to establish a meeting timeline for the subcommittee. 

Comments have been heard afterwards about members being disappointed that they couldn’t speak about their opinions; however, this was the first meeting and it was not planned for committee discussion to begin yet. 

Council President Jim Allen and the Board of Education President Larry Kachel called the meeting to order back in March 2023 outlining components within two proposals, one submitted by each entity — the district and the city — after members of the Whitewater Aquatic and Fitness Center Subcommittee discussed contractual negotiations back in June. 

Members Cheri Zimdars, Guy Ledwell, Jeff Knight, and Geoff Hale constructed the “Save the Pool” Committee for the Whitewater Fitness and Aquatic Center (WFAC) to educate the residents on its value and commitment to fitness and health in the Whitewater community. 

Cheri Zimdars stated, “I’m thrilled that both entities were able to come to an agreement. It was a long, difficult process, as each had their own priorities. However, they made it work and I’m happy for everyone.”

She also stated, “The Whitewater Aquatic Center is a wonderful facility for all ages. When I’m on deck coaching, I see other young children in swim lessons and playing with friends and family, as well as adults exercising, doing therapy, and socializing. It’s an important part of the Whitewater community.”

“Now is the time to promote the aquatic center so others can see how special it is,” said Zimdars on how important it is to promote the center.

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