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Midwest comedian brings laughs to Whitewater again

Charlie Berens Review
Comedian Charlie Berens and Whitewater realtor Robert Sivek use their hands to discuss Wisconsin geography before Berens performed Friday, Sept. 8 at the Young Auditorium.


If you have had any presence on TikTok in the Midwest, you have probably come across a comedian by the name of Charlie Berens. He posts sketches about what it is like growing up and living in the Midwest, specifically Wisconsin. Berens, an Emmy award winning journalist and host of the Manitowoc Minute, came to a one-night-only, sold-out show at the Young Auditorium on his new tour “The Good Old-Fashioned Tour.”

Before the show started, fans who bought VIP tickets were treated to a meet-and-greet with Berens and got to take pictures with him and had him sign some autographs on his merchandise. Around 90 fans got the chance to meet Berens and chat with him before he had to go on stage. This was a good opportunity for Berens to meet his fans.

The show started off with one of Berens’ brothers, John Beren, opening with a little bit of comedy and discussion about his family and what it was like growing up with Charlie and his other 10 siblings. After John Beren finished, Berens’ friend Billy Deuce, a Boston native, came out and gave the audience a taste of his Boston-centered comedy.

After Deuce finished, the main part of the show began. Charlie Berens came out and was welcomed by a long round of applause by the audience. After the applause settled down, Berens started his show with crowd work, or engaging with the audience. He spoke to them about relationships and pick-up lines. After engaging with the audience for a short amount of time, he jumped into his material. 

After working on his material for a bit, Berens jumped into the part of the show that made him a well-known comedian: his Manitowoc Minute bit. According to Berens’ Manitowoc Minute website, “The Manitowoc Minute is a Midwest brand created by Charlie Berens, based on his show encompassing all the news, culture, and weirdness that is the best of the Midwest.” This included stores that he came across, billboards and other weird sites he either found on the internet or around the Midwest.

During his Manitowoc Minute bit, Berens showed a Craigslist ad for an “alien globe,” which was listed for $50. Berens ended up purchasing this product and auctioned it off at the show, with all proceeds going to veterans. The globe was sold for $420, and Berens matched the donation, along with signing the globe and meeting the audience member that purchased it.

To round up the end of his show, Berens spoke about his family and what it was like growing up in a Catholic family of 12 kids in the Midwest. He spoke about all of his siblings getting married and having kids, his relationships with his family, and finally about his grandparents. 

Before and after the show, fans got the chance to buy some of Berens’ merchandise. This included hats and beanies, socks, t-shirts and sweatshirts, Koozies, stickers, and even his own book, “The Midwest Survival Guide.” The merchandise included some of Berens’ most popular catchphrases, such as: “Ope,” “Tell your folks I says hi,” “Keep ‘er movin’,” and “Watch out for deer.”

Charlie Berens gave Whitewater residents a good laugh at his comedy show. His comedic spins on stories about family, friends and encounters he has had, along with his famous Manitowoc Minute bit, brought an uplifting sense of spirit to all who attended.

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