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UW-Whitewater Athletics John Reid III
Alijah Maher-Parr sheds a defender in a 27-23 win over John Carroll University.

UW-Whitewater football has a special ground game. In their first two matchups, both against ranked opponents, they put together 512 rushing yards and 6 rushing touchdowns, both 12th in all of Division III football.

Sophomore running back Alijah Maher-Parr is a massive contributor in the run, putting together 177 rushing yards on 27 attempts and a 30-yard score. As a freshman, he saw one appearance, putting up 61 fourth-quarter yards in a 79-10 blowout win over UW-Stevens Point. His great open-field shiftiness and elite vision give the Warhawks a great option out of the backfield.

Now, Maher-Parr looks to leave a legacy at Whitewater. He shared his thoughts on the St. John’s upset win, his journey through football, and more.


Q: How do you feel about beating such a great St. John’s team?

A: It feels good. Coming in, you don’t think you’re gonna blow out such a good team like that, we definitely prepared for it, everybody did their job, I did my job, and when stuff like that happens you’re going to have a good outcome.

Q: How much does the team’s No. 4 ranking matter knowing that the job isn’t done?

A: To me it doesn’t, and I know as a team it doesn’t really matter to us. We’re going to play the same no matter if they’re No. 1 or not even in the rankings. We don’t really worry too much about the rankings.

Q: How has the transition from Arrowhead High School to UW-Whitewater been?

A: It’s a pretty big difference with the physicality. From high school, it was more me just running the ball. Coming into this conference, you really have to know the defense, be smart about the game, and it’s not just about your talent. Arrowhead [and UW-Whitewater] run the same stuff that we do, so scheme-wise, it really wasn’t new to me.

Q: How has it been working with fellow running back Tamir Thomas?

A: Throughout the last two games, being able to share those reps can help me see things better. When he gets on the field, he can tell me things that he’s seeing, and I can evaluate that off the field, sort of those mental reps, so when I do get on the field, it’s like ‘okay, going off of what he’s telling me, I can get him off a little bit.’ For example, on outside zones he will let me know if I have to cut it up or stay outside, he’s telling me what the linebackers are doing pre-snap and post-snap.

Q: What’s the energy been like with RB’s coach John Sterner?

A: Lots of positive energy. I really like him as a coach, but also as a person; saying things not just about football, but things about life that can translate to football. Especially with school, being organized, doing what you’re supposed to do, not getting in trouble, all that kind of stuff.

Q: What does Warhawk Pride mean to you?

A: For me, it’s a positive thing. When things don’t go your way, keep your head up high, making sure we stay on the same level, not getting overconfident either. It’s mostly just staying positive throughout everything.


The job is not done for Maher-Parr and Warhawk football. UW-Oshkosh kicks off their conference schedule Sept. 30, with the next home game being the Oct. 7 Family Fest game against UW-La Crosse.

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