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Graduate student faces last season

Graduate student and defensive specialist Morgan Jensen has finally reached her last volleyball season with the Warhawks. While like for many athletes it’s super bittersweet to be at the end, Jensen is striving to go out with the best season yet.

Many student athletes dread the day they face their last year in their sport. Those bittersweet emotions are strong; their last moments even stronger. COVID gave many athletes an additional season in their sport, but that extra year comes quicker than people may think. For graduate student and defensive specialist Morgan Jensen, that year is finally here.

Jensen was a senior last season with the volleyball team, and went into it not really sure of what her future looked like. But she’s back for the 2023-24 season, and more ready than ever. She has had many standout moments, including WIAC Defensive Player of the Year in 2021. Though on top of her skills, Jensen has always strived to lead by example in the sport she loves and is aiming for the best last season that she can.


Q: How has being a graduate student, this year been going?

A: It’s going good. Graduate school is more work than I thought it was going to be. It’s a lot different than undergrad, just with the format of it. So, it takes a lot more self-discipline which I’m slowly learning how to be better at.9


Q: How do you balance that work with your volleyball schedule?

A: It actually works really great with my volleyball schedule because my classes are constantly online. So that’s another big difference from an undergraduate degree. I missed a lot of practice because of my undergraduate classes and with my grad school I miss like no practice, which is fantastic. 

Q: Looking forward to the rest of your volleyball career, how are you feeling with the end of it?

A: I am sad that it’s gonna be over because it is really going to be over this time. My senior year I was like, ‘Oh, well, I have one more year if I want to use it.’ And now I’m sad that it’s going to be done but I’m just trying to enjoy all the lasts and not focus necessarily that it’s my last season, but just making this season the best that I can.


Q: How are you using your role as an older athlete to lead your team or at least be a role model for your team?

A: I was voted a captain this year, which is really exciting. I’m really honored that my teammates think of me that way. I’d say I just try to use my experience on the court to lead my team as much as possible. I like to play calm, cool, collected, so not too high and not too low. Though sometimes I scream and shout and yell and that’s when I get my really high highs in a game, but I think just instilling confidence, especially in our younger players, is what I like to do. I think that at every point, there’s something to be proud of, and I try to recognize my teammates for that in every single huddle that we have.


Q: What are some goals you have for the season? 

A: Of course, the ultimate goal is a national championship, which I think this team is totally capable of. I think we have the talent for sure. But before that, I’d love to be undefeated in conference. We have a super tough conference this year. A lot of the players are ranked in the top 25. So winning the regular season would be fantastic. And then the other part of that is winning the conference tournament to get the automatic bid. And I mean, I’d love to host regionals since we’ve never hosted regionals. So I’d really like to do that for my last year, just being at home as much as we possibly can.


Q: What has being a Warhawk meant to you?

A: I think being a Warhawk has meant to me a culture of winning. I think even in the classroom and on campus, everybody here wants you to succeed. I felt that in multiple areas on campus, and so being a Warhawk to me just means being a competitor and being a winner. I think your professors help you be that in the classroom and if you’re in athletics your coaches help you do that, or if you’re in music, like I was, your professors want you to be the best singer. Everyone just wants you to be the best you that you can be, and I have loved feeling that. 

The team has already had a strong showing, they opened their season 9-1 in their first 10 games and they are on a four win streak. So Jensen may get to see some of her goals come true this season, but only time will tell. Their next match is against UW-La Crosse at home Sept. 27. It will be their second conference match, with their first against UW-Oshkosh Sept. 20.

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