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Escape room traps excitement

Katie McIlheran
Seen here is one of the escape rooms UW-Whitewater students could choose from to challenge their clue decoding, puzzle and riddle solving skills with their friends at the escape room event held in UW-Whitewater’s Hamilton room in the University Center Fri Oct 13 2023.

When the calendar lines up for a Friday the thirteenth people expect something spooky to happen, especially in October. That’s why Elizabeth Garthwait, program specialist at the University Center, couldn’t resist scheduling an escape room to come to the UC on the spooky date. 

“We put out a survey and escape rooms were of high interest to students,” Garthwait said.

The Halloween vibes were not just in the date, the rooms were themed to make it spookier. The escape rooms seemed to have different themes based off of different horror movies like “The Witching Hour,” “Live Clue,” and “Friday the 13th.” 

Escape rooms are games where players are locked in a room, which usually have a theme, and they must solve various different puzzles, riddles, and clues in order to get out. The game is made in a way that will make players feel like they are in a hollywood movie. The game is made to test the skills of a group so they can see how well they will work together.

“It’s just going to be here for today,” said student Julissa Donald.

Students who wanted to immerse themselves in the escape room experience in the UC had to reserve a space in advance, partly due to the high interest in them.

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    Sam AndrewsOct 23, 2023 at 3:04 am

    Ooh, interesting! This article makes me believe being inside an escape room is an awesome way to spend some quality time with our friends. Well, my college buddies are gonna be visiting my town next week. I might suggest this activity to them by calling the right venue later.