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Striking towards success

Miles Hagens
Miles Hagen runs onto the field in a matchup against Wartburg college.

Junior Miles Hagen lives and breathes the sport of soccer. Outside of soccer, he is a biology major with aspirations after college as he prepares to use his determined mentality to push him in life. Hagen is a humble leader and wants the best out of himself and all his teammates as they prepare for their conference tournament.

Since his days at Lincoln-Way West High School, he has always believed in the power of hard work and has instilled that belief in not only the sport, but in himself, as he helps lead his team towards success. 


Q: What made you decide to play soccer at Whitewater? What separated it from other universities?

A: I always looked at Whitewater first as a place I wanted to play soccer at. The different sayings and mottos that the university has like, “Powered by Tradition,” have always been true when it comes to athletics. I always wanted to be a part of a team that took the sport seriously and Whitewater is a place that takes all its athletics seriously and has always had successful sports programs.

Q: Reflecting on your career this far, what advice would you give to yourself as a freshman joining the team?

A: I would tell myself to just have fun and not get worked up over the small things. I would also say to myself that I should focus on all the little moments and take everything in. 

Q: What is one moment in your career that has made you the athlete you are today?
A: One moment that had a huge impact on me was after a practice my coach gave me a great talk about being the hardest worker that day at practice. It made me feel like I mattered and that my presence on the team was appreciated. It made me feel like all my hard work was being done for a reason and that someone believed in me.

Q: How has the team changed since you were a freshman? 

A: The biggest way it has changed since I went here was that everyone is so committed to working together to accomplish a team goal. Even if that means getting on each other’s case or being hard on others, it is in a loving way since we all want to accomplish great things.

Q: What do you look forward to for the rest of the season?
A: I look forward to our conference tournament that will be in Santa Cruz, California. It is always fun to travel with the boys and have fun together on these trips because we will be there for a week. I really look forward to also getting to know some of the younger guys on the team as well since I was able to get to know and be comfortable with some of the older guys when I was a freshman. I also look forward to our upcoming game which is Senior Night which I am excited to be a part of this year.

Q: How do you and your teammates deal with the success of the season? What keeps you all committed and grounded?

A: We stay hard working and committed to each other in our wins. We know that just because we have one good win, the next isn’t going to be easy. Our support and tradition of hard work pulls us together and keeps us ready for the season and the later games of the season.

Q: What are your other passions outside of soccer?

A: One of my passions outside of soccer would be the research I do in Upham Hall. For the Biology Department I do research work for one of my professors that I will present at the Undergrad research day, which I really am excited for.

Q: What are your career ambitions for after college?

A: I am looking forward to going to dentist school and becoming a dentist after that. I do not have a specific college that I am looking towards right now, but that is my main career goal.


Hagen and the rest of the Warhawks look forward to finishing the regular season in the same fashion they have been doing. With two home games coming up then the Coast-To-Coast Playoffs, Miles has a great vision for not only his future, but the success of the program after his departure.

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