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New York Crosswords collaborate with Wordle

New York Times Taking Over
New York Crosswords collaborate with Wordle

Are you a fan of reading the New York Times or playing the hit sensation Wordle? Now you can do both! Back in Jan. 2023, the New York Times Games announced that people can now officially play Wordle on The New York Times Crossword app. 

The app is located on all iOS and Android devices. People who play on the app can also be able to save their stats and streaks they play with a free New York Times account, allowing them to pick up where they left off on any device.

Why is the New York Times sharing this information out to everyone? Wordle introduced it to the public in Oct. 2021, by Josh Wardle to get a game that would help his wife not to get bored over the pandemic. Now, Wordle has exploded in popularity and rapidly solving words in six tries for less. The New York Times Company came into possession of the guessing game in early 2022 and it continues to surprise and enchant millions of daily players all over the world.

But why is it such a hype to everyone? One main reason for the games success is by contributing to its success is its sharing function. Players can share their results, spoiler-free, by uploading them to social media or by sending them directly to friend group-chats. This is a never ending process for people who play the game. 

According to the New York Times, as of the end of July 2022, 10% of active players have played 145 or more games of Wordle.

In a statement, Wardle has suggested that there should only be one puzzle solved per day because it helps build excitement by the games shortage. Also, it helps that all players can’t binge it and they can’t get bored of it as well. 

Local residents have also been loving the new meaning to both the Times and Wordle being together. 

“This brings a meaning to both the younger and older generations. It brings the gaming part while still collaborating with daily news,” said Anna Heddinger. 

“Overtime, crosswords have been in newspapers. Now, it’s easier to use crosswords and get your brain working from anywhere and anytime of the day. I love it!” said Olivia Pagnotta.  

New York Times Games has also recently spoken about doing a collaboration with Hasbro to bring Wordle to life in a brand new board game called Wordle: The Party Game, which is now available in the United States for purchase since early October.  The game is currently available at Amazon, Target and Walmart.

Some helpful tips on starting up with Wordle, start with most frequent letters like vowels A, E, I, O, and U. With that, it will help you lead to your main goal of solving the six letter word. For more information about Wordle or to play it on New York Times, go to nytimes

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