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Goalkeeper reflects on successful season

Karstan Koelblinger
Captain and goalie for the UW-Whitewater Men’s Soccer team, Duncan Morgan (1), takes a goal kick for the Warhawks.


Senior goalkeeper Duncan Morgan appeared in 18 games for the UW-Whitewater Men’s Soccer team in the 2023 season. Morgan only allowed 11 goals the entire season for an average of 0.69 goals per game. 

The senior’s impressive goal defense helped lead the team to a 13-1-5 record, and an appearance in the Coast-to-Coast playoff quarterfinal. The team was ultimately defeated by UC-Santa Cruz in penalty kicks, but the Warhawks had plenty to celebrate after the season’s completion. 

The veteran goalkeeper was named to second team all conference and capped off an impressive four year career with the program.


Q: What has Whitewater taught you in your college career? Whether it is from soccer or another experience.

A: Whitewater has taught me a ton of things, but the one that stands out most to me is that the single most important thing you can give someone is your time. To take time out of your day to talk to those who matter most in life, take time to have a meaningful conversation and to look people in the eyes when talking to them.

Q: What is your favorite thing about the university, campus, and the soccer program? 

A: My favorite thing about all three is simply the people.  The people that I have had the honor of meeting and getting to know throughout my time here is something I could not be more grateful for.  I have met some of my best friends, some great role models, and was shown time and time again that when attending UW-Whitewater you are surrounded by people that care.

Q: What can the team take away from this season to strengthen and get better in the offseason? 

A: I believe that the biggest thing this team can take away from our season is to look at what we have done this year and how much success we had and remember that we still did not make the NCAA Tournament.  I know that having the knowledge of how much it truly takes to make it to the tournament will be the most important thing to the team in the future.

Q: Who do you think will have the most significant improvement in the off season and breakout next year? 

A: There are a lot of names that come to mind when reading this question, but I believe that Andrew Phillips will be a threat on the soccer field next year.  The kid is one of the craftiest players I have ever seen step onto a field, and it was a pleasure to practice and play with him.  I could name four other kids at least that I feel the same way about, which is something we should take pride of as a program.

Q: What lesson/motto does coach Guinn preach to the team most? 

A: I can’t pick out one lesson or motto that Coach Guinn preaches to our team other than the overarching theme of the lessons he teaches us.  He cares about every player he coaches as more than just his player; he is invested in seeing us grow into great young men as we work our way through this soccer program.  Every person that is friends with Coach Guinn, has played for him, or even met him, will tell you that he is an amazing person.  We are all incredibly grateful and lucky to have a coach that cares more about who we are becoming as people than anything else we do.

Q: What was the most notable high for the team this season and the most notable low?

A: The most notable low was without a doubt losing the Shaymus Guinn Cup to UW-Platteville this year.  The game means more than just a game in our season every year as it is dedicated to coach Guinn’s late son.  The most notable high was while we were in Santa Cruz for our conference tournament.  Although we lost the first game, it was an unbelievable time to be able to hang out on the beach, create memories, and most importantly become a more tight-knit group than we already were.


Morgan will go down as a very valuable member of the UW-Whitewater soccer program, and will carry the Warhawk legacy with him in all his future endeavors.

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