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Bringing community together with uplifting performance

Dauntae Green
University of Whitewater’s band, the Whitewater community members, and Unified Whitewater School District students came together to perform the concert.

Thanksgiving was coming around the corner Nov. 20 at Young Auditorium with a performance bringing the community and university together with the University/Community Band Concert conducted by the band conductor Glenn C. Hayes. The band was composed of UW-Whitewater students, university personnels, students from the Unified Whitewater High School, and many members of the community. Some people came out to play music for the community again after a long time of not having to play musical instruments in order to create the melodic music and bring smiles to the people on their face at hand.

Thanksgiving can be seen as bringing families together and being thankful for everything but the Music Department at University wanted to bring the communities together for a music band performance. The music would start off with melodic, peaceful, somber, there was a song in the middle of the concert that had an upbeat vibes to the music where the audience would bop their heads up and down to the music.

Community members would come and participate in bringing out their musical talents to perform after a long time of not performing and bring music to the people’s ears. For example, even university personnel came to perform and show off their skills and talent to soothe music to the community.

The Band Conductor Glenn C. Hayes has the University of Whitewater’s band, the Whitewater community members, and Unified Whitewater School District band members bow and stand after their performance. (Dauntae Green)

“This band is a great idea. It pulls together folks from on and off campus who have a shared love of music and performance,” said Chair of the Communication Department Kathy Brady. “It’s a special opportunity to get to share the life skill of playing music with others who feel the same way.”

There are band members who are from the university that had their own opportunities on what it meant to them to perform with the community and for the people, especially with bringing them together in the end for the season.

“It was wonderful to interact with the community and staff on the same level,” said senior communication major Megan Northey. “I’ve always found the university band the most fun during the semesters.”

In the end, it brought families from people who are in the community that are in the band concert together to show off their musical skills of melody and upbeat vibes to the people moving around in joy. University students, personnel, Whitewater community members, and high school students in the end achieved their goals of bringing people together for this event to show off their talents, making people happy, and joy of showing each other’s musical skills.

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