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The game that transcends time

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Basketball was first invented at a YMCA collegiate gym, in Springfield, Massachusetts back in 1891, by then graduate student James Naismith. The game of basketball wasn’t nearly as flashy as the 100+ points per game, alley-oop filled spectacle that fills today’s arenas. The game of yesteryear was more fundamental oriented as the game was only needed to keep people in shape during the harsh northeastern winters. However, our very own UW-Whitewater men’s club basketball team is more closely related to the original contest played over 130 years ago. Or, more accurately, the boys in purple and white play a mixture of the two.

Warhawk men’s club basketball president, Josh Mork, has plenty of gameplans, rivalries and expectations on his mind for this season.

Josh Mork said of his team’s ball movement, “We try to move the ball around a lot, we like to make  sure we have those passes moving and getting everybody involved.”

Knowing of the importance of adaptability in a fast paced environment, Mork mentioned how their scoring changes frequently.

“We don’t have a traditional big [center/forward]. We’re a little small, so we’re used to playing a five out [all players staring behind the three point line]. It depends on the personnel we have on the floor,” Mork said. “A lot of our guys are good at getting downhill and some guys are good on the perimeter.”

Every team has that one day they mark on their calendar for when they play that much hated team. Who is that one team that brings out the fire in our men’s club basketball team?

“It’s [UW] Madison who I would say our biggest rival is because there’s some stuff between us and them, but they’re a good team and they play the game well,” Mork said. “They’re a team we were always close to and we really struggled to beat them at the end of games. We’ll be with them to the wire.”

Don’t sleep on UWW. They have some pretty high expectations for this year.

“I think we’re really good,” Mork said. “I think if we are able to be 100% healthy going into nationals, I think we have a really good chance of winning it.”

If you’re a big guy that has been looking into staying active, the team could use your help.

“We might be a piece away, but we have six months to figure that out. We’re still looking to find that big guy[center/forward]. Somebody who can put the ball into the post and work it out because it’s helpful having somebody down there that can score,” Mork said.

If you’re wondering if you would be a good fit or not, Josh Mork has a message for you, “Showing up to our games is the best way to understand who we are as a club and whether you think you’d fit in or not.”

Much like the games played to simply stay warm in the Massachusetts cold, while being active, the Warhawks also spend their time in a collegiate gym. Their practices are Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

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