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Tis the season of Christmas tradition


Christmas is just around the corner and people are either spending time with family or friends, working or catching up on some sleep, December 25 is near. Whatever your tradition is, watching Christmas light shows, movies or getting matching pajamas, there is something for everyone. 

One tradition that resident Anna Heddinger does is playing different Christmas games with her family. 

Graphic depicting the Grinch Movie.

“I love spending time with my family on Christmas because I am usually busy working and I don’t get to see some family members during the holidays. We wake up early and open gifts, head over to my moms house and play Christmas games,” said Heddinger. Some Christmas games include white elephant, a game where players bring wrapped gifts that are either really nice or something nobody would ever think of. From there, people draw numbers and pick the gifts out one by one from the pile. They also have the option to steal. Once everyone picks out their gift, they get to keep whatever is inside. Some people also keep it simple like bingo. Bingo is well known in many households and can be played in many different ways. Traditional, four corners or blackout is some of the most common ways people play. 

Another tradition people tend to do over the holidays is going to see Christmas lights.   “Every year, my family likes to drive around and see what people put up for Christmas. We even like going to different light shows to see what the community is doing for the people,” said Olivia Pagnotta. 

One popular light show in the area is the Janesville Rotary Botanical Gardens Holiday Light Show. 

Over 1.5 million lights are covered around the Botanical Gardens, people are able to walk a little over a half mile walk around dazzling lights. Enjoyable for all ages. Tickets are $5 per child 12 and under and $12 for adults. 

For any other information or to reserve tickets, visit the event’s website. Not a thrill seeker? That is okay! Diamond Johann prefers to watch movies and be cozy in her own home. 

“I prefer to spend some time in my house around the fire watching christmas movies and snuggling with my fuzzy blankets and socks. When I’m busy doing chores around the house, I like to listen to Christmas music while making Christmas cookies,” said Johann. 

Don’t know what to watch this Christmas? Here are some classics that most people know and can be enjoyed by all ages.

First is the “Home Alone” movies. “Home Alone” is about an eight year old boy Kevin getting left behind when his family leaves for an overseas Christmas vacation, and finds himself outsmarting a pair of burglars from robbing the families house. Another classical movie people can watch is “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” It can be either watched in a cartoon version or voice actor Jim Carrey, both are about a green Grinch that decides to ruin Christmas for the citizens down in Whoville. He steals their gifts, decorations and their happiness. However, the bitter grump finds a rough patch to his plans by a little girl Cindy Lou Who. She teaches him the true meaning of Christmas and how one traumatic event shouldn’t be taken out on anyone else.

Whether you are driving around seeing lights all over town, or staying inside watching movies or playing games, Christmas is only around once a year and it’s time to cherish those holiday cheers. 

Happy Holidays!

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