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Warhawk tennis continues to impress

Dan Emary
Senior Josh Baldwin waits ready to return the serve.

With the tennis season fully underway the UW-Whitewater men’s tennis team seems to have picked up right where they left off. The Warhawks have an impressive seven wins with one loss since the beginning of the new year. They entered the season ranked No. 25 in the nation. We checked in with senior and captain Josh Baldwin to learn more about how this year has been going.

How would you assess your overall performance this season in terms of match outcomes?

The season is off to a great start. We have had some great wins and faced many strong opponents. 

What specific aspects of your game have you been focusing on improving during this season?

I have focused a lot on simplicity. Making serves and returns are two of the quintessential parts of tennis. Being able to start points either neutral or on offense gives me a great advantage on the court. 

Can you highlight any significant victories or challenges you’ve encountered so far in the season?

We had a great win over Carthage last week. They are key rivals for us. 

Are there any particular opponents you found especially challenging or rewarding to compete against this season?

Our match against WashU (our only loss) was especially difficult. We know we can contend with top-level teams, and we have proven that timelessly. We have multiple top-ranked opponents coming up and we are confident that we will compete with them.

Have you adjusted your training routine or strategy based on your performance in previous matches?

I look at every match with the same approach. I know my role and everyone on this team has a role. We succeed when everyone does their part, and we motivate each other to overcome challenges that come throughout the season. We need to learn from our previous matches and apply that to our season as a whole. Each match is an important part of our goal.

In terms of mental preparation, how have you been maintaining focus and resilience throughout the season?

At this level, tennis is far more mental than physical. In a long season, it is difficult to remain both physically healthy but also mentally strong. It is important to focus on the mental aspects of tennis both on and off the court. I prefer to listen to music before matches and meditate to achieve a strong headspace. As a team, we do a great job supporting each other on and off the court in terms of supporting each other through every win and loss. 

What tournaments or events are you looking forward to in the upcoming months, and what are your goals for those?

I am most certainly looking forward to our spring break trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina. We will be playing three highly-ranked schools and get the chance to enjoy the vacation as well.

How would you describe the team dynamics and support you’ve received from coaches and teammates during the season?

This year we have an incredible group of guys. We have grown a lot since last season, and we have players that have a lot to offer. The support from coaches and players alike has and always has been unwavering. This program has had such incredible success over the years because of the leadership from coaches and players and I will certainly make sure that continues. 

Warhawk tennis will look to continue this good run as they face a very tough Gustavus Adolphus College (Minnesota) team, March 8. They will then open WIAC play against UW-Stevens Point April 7.

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