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Tennis club whacks its way to students

Eli Bartels
Members of the Tennis Club at a game against UW-Madison

At college, students have the chance to join different organizations. These could range from something like the Dungeons & Dragons club to the Whitewater Student Government. But what about those students that want to be active and play against other students without trying out for the sports teams? This is why UW-Whitewater gives students the opportunity to join sports clubs and play sports they love or try out new sports.

At UW-Whitewater, tennis is a sport for people to enjoy, with there being both a men’s and women’s tennis team. However, for those who do not like competitions too much but still like to play against other students, Tennis Club is the perfect place to be.

As a relaxed way of playing tennis without the stress of having a good season, UW-Whitewater students are able to still learn techniques to improve their game while being able to hang out with friends and meet new people who also enjoy tennis.

“Tennis Club is a very social club, more social than it actually is going out and playing tennis,” said club president Michael Kraus. “It is a great opportunity for those who have played tennis in the past and have not. It’s a great opportunity to meet other people.”

Seen as one of the best sports to play in terms of longer life expectancy, according to professionals, tennis is a great way to stay active, especially for older people. Famous players such as Mansour Bahrami, who is still playing at 67.

“What’s not to love about it?” said sophomore Cody Coleman. “It’s great exercise and it helps me out with other sports such as football. It’s good for your footwork, coordination and all of that. I hear it’s one of the best sports for life expectancy.”

Along with being a great social club, students are able to go out and play against other schools, every level from Division I to Division III schools. 

“Besides the social aspect that tennis brings, there’s the actual competition side where we will go out and travel with a team and play against other DIII schools, but we also play against DI schools,” said Kraus. “We just went and played UW-Madison, Ohio State and Michigan. We got destroyed by them, but we still went out and actually played them.”

If playing tennis is something you love to do but did not continue in college, or if it is something you want to start doing, the Tennis Club meets every Monday from 9-11 p.m. and every Wednesday from 7-9 p.m. in the Kachel Fieldhouse until March 22. From there, they meet every Monday and Wednesday 7-9 p.m. on the tennis courts outside the Williams Center.

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