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Tote bags carry away stress

Paint and sip

Before the relief of spring break, there are midterms at UW-Whitewater. One way that students deal with the stress of exams and projects is through getting creative.

Students got the opportunity to decorate tote bags at UC Live’s Paint and Sip on Tuesday night. They were provided with lemonade, a free tote bag, and paint pens and markers to use. 

Students gather to decorate canvas bags in the Warhawk connection Center of the James. R. Conner University Center for the paint and sip event hosted by UC Live, Tuesday evening, March 19, 2024. (Katie Zee)

Seb Hwang, a UC Live employee who was working the event, explained that the department plans events based on what students are drawn to.

“Tote bags are really in right now. Everyone wants a tote bag!” Hwang said. 

Despite students’ busy schedules, every seat in the Warhawk Connection Center was filled and the overflow took up the n

earby computer lab. According to Hwang, art events usually get an attendance of 70-100 people.

Paint and Sip events are popular among many clubs and organizations on campus. Active Minds, Empower, and the Residence Hall Association are just a few who have put on similar events this year.

More than that, Hwang suggested that an art workshop would be the perfect environment for students to use as a de-stresser.

“It is midterms, so an art workshop is the perfect low-key event for people to go to,” said H


Many students chose a floral or fruit design for their bags. Milly Zielinski, a UW-W student, found inspiration on Pinterest to do a farmer’s market-inspired design, with the words “Freshly Picked’’ surrounded by paintings of fruit. 

Zielinski instantly knew that she wanted to go to the event when she and her roommate saw the poster on a wall in their dorm building.

“We always like crafty events,” Zielinski said. “We saw the poster and we were like ‘We h

ave to go to that.’”

Looking back on the semester, UC Live has made several events to cater to all types of students.

“We want students to feel like they have a place here, regardless of how extroverted or intro

verted they are,” said Hwang.

Events like karaoke nights, game shows and trivia, the Masquerade Ball, and the Casino Nig

ht appeal to students who like to get out of their dorm room for the night and meet new people. Hwang is a big fan of these events because they enjoy meeting new people, especially the comedians and magicians who come and perform.

For the more introverted crowd, UC Live has events such as movies, a variety of crafts ev

ents and musical performances. Jeremiah Xiong, a UC Live employee, cited the Stickers and Patches night as being his favorite.

UC Live will be taking a break for spring break, but they are coming back with a lineup of unique events. There will be a petting zoo in the UC North Mall April 19 between 1-4 p.m. There will be a succulent workshop April 9 at 7 p.m. in the Warhawk Connection Center where students can get a free succulent and paint its pot. April 4-6, “Wonka” will be shown in the Down Under’s theater. There will be free chocolate while supplies last!

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