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House of Zodiac shows artists’ signs

Ky McCombe
Sophomore Taryn Riley looks on to the audience at the Sevyn Fashion Modeling Troupe’s Zodiac themed fashion show, Friday evening, April 19, 2024.

This past Friday, April 19 in Crossman Gallery, the group Sevyn Fashion Modelling Troop, with the help of the designer Madeleine Morgan, brought to life the many signs within the zodiac belt. Before the event, however, guests were able to admire the paintings done by the talented artists/models. Each member of Sevyn was given a zodiac sign to first paint, and then model for.

One such artist was Kelly Lyimo, vice president of the Sevyn Fashion Modelling Troop, who represented Sagittarius. Her design consisted of a green Robin Hood-like dress and orange pair of stockings, complete with her own bow and arrow, the arrow which, she pointed out, was painted with nail polish, because the group could not find the right paint color for it.

Lyimo explained that the sign was chosen for her because the members Madeleine Morgan, Katie Zee, and Taryn Riley thought she best represented Sagittarius. When asked what made her the best fit for Sagittarius, Lyimo stated, “They probably thought that the colors best suit my skin tone.”

She went on to explain that the team behind her outfit had creative control and she was happy with how the design turned out. Additionally, she expressed admiration for being able to see how Sevyn had evolved since she first joined.

“Honestly, it’s so cool to see how Sevyn has evolved over the years and I am really excited to see what next year is going to bring because I feel like our shows get better and more creative,” Lyimo said. “There is so much detail that goes into the shows and people don’t really realize it … Sevyn members even did the paintings, which was really cool.”

Another member of the group Ariana Huberty represented Taurus. When asked about her costume, she said that her favorite part of the design was the many pieces of copper that she adorned.

“I really like the copper that they added … I have copper in my hair and on my fingers … I got my septum piercing … all the smaller aspects that put it all together,” Huberty said.

According to the website Tiny Rituals, “Copper makes for an amazing healing element for everyone but has a special affinity with those born under the Zodiac signs of Taurus and Sagittarius … they are also ruled by Venus which puts them in touch with beauty and artistry. Copper too is linked deeply with Venus making it an incredible match for Taurus.”


Taryn Riley, the model dressed as Pisces, said that when adding her personal touch to the design of her costume, her hair played a significant role. Pointing to the blue strands of tinsel in her hair, she stated, “My hair, obviously, was a big part of the look too, which we just did this morning and kind of thought of on the fly.”

Her design also consisted of a sea-shell top and a pair of fins on both sides of her head, and a set of rings and each hand.

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