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Now what? Time to be a sports journalist

Matt Ellis

After four years of college, I am now getting ready to graduate. It’s a great feeling because It now means I can go and pursue what I love, which is writing, reporting, and talking about sports as a full-time career. 

 However, this feels like more than just four years in the making. Since I was a young kid I loved sports, and while my goal was to become a professional athlete that was well out of the question because I was done playing sports by the time I started high school. As a freshman in high school, my love of sports hit an all-time high when the Cubs won the World Series. It was maybe the happiest moment of my life which admittedly sounds a little strange. This is when I knew I wanted to be around sports my whole life. 

When picking what college I wanted to attend I landed on UW-Whitewater. When I first toured the campus I was filled with a lot of excitement and knew this is where I wanted to take the initial steps into becoming a sports journalist. I can safely say that I made the right decision. 

Of course, my college experience was not perfect but in life, nothing is and I can appreciate everything I learned during my time in Whitewater. Because it was here in Whitewater where I got to announce my first basketball game with UWWTV, I got to host a sports show, “Hawk Talk” on 91.7 The Edge, and I had the opportunity to enhance my skills as a writer with the Royal Purple. Becoming a sports reporter was something I felt I was destined to do, but it was here in Whitewater that I began to make that into a reality. 

Being a senior in college is a weird feeling because it feels like after I walk away with my diploma the number one thing on my mind will be “Now what?”Yes, I do plan on being the best sports reporter that I can be. But it does feel strange knowing that I don’t know entirely what path I will walk post-graduation. 

Nonetheless, I feel hopeful for the future and a lot of that stems from my incredible time here as a student at UW-Whitewater. 


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Matt Ellis
Matt Ellis, Women's Sports journalist

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    Bleron GrajçevciApr 24, 2024 at 2:13 pm

    Good luck Matt!