‘Blue house’ tenants each fined at least $6,500

The “Blue House,” a popular drinking destination during homecoming weekend located at 531 W. Main St., was busted Oct. 30.

The bust occurred barely one week after 90 underage consumption citations were handed out at another large-scale party bust.

Nine students, all tenants at the house,  were charged with furnishing alcohol to underage persons, failure to prevent underage alcohol consumption and sale of alcohol without a license.

Brandon Anderson, Zachary Hansen, Kelley Kula, Nicholas Schwalbach, Benjamin Marsch, and Adam Wesley, along with three other tenants who could not be reached for confirmation, were charged with 10 counts each, amounting to at least $6,500 in fines per person.

Since police did not identify everyone at the party, Capt. Brian Uhl said there was no way of knowing how many underage persons attended.

“There [were] at least several [underage persons] at the party,” Uhl said. “We actually are only writing three underage [consumption citations].”

Uhl said there is an ongoing investigation into illegal sale of food, which would be a vendor’s license issue.

Other than the “Blue House” getting busted, Uhl said though there were a lot of highly intoxicated people, there were not an extraordinary amount of arrests over homecoming.

For of-age people trying to have a good time, Uhl suggested to not host a large party but rather “go to legitimate businesses” and not put yourself and others at risk.

“Just be smart,” Uhl said.  “These large parties along Main Street … that’s a problem when you’re dealing with that number of people. Anything can happen in those things and I think they’re well aware of that and they’re taking that risk.

“I know there [are] illegal activities that occur in the parties … When you get that many people that intoxicated, these things are bound to happen.”

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