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From Left: Tyrone Green, Colin Anderson, Dauntae Green and Rachel Stapelman enjoy bruch at The Sweet Spot Bakehouse.

Editor’s choice for Best in Whitewater

Dauntae Green, Mannaging Editor March 6, 2022

Whitewater has everything you need in this small city of just over 14,000 residents. There is always something to do like dining out, getting a new hairdo, watching a game at some terrific local bars and...

For the love of pizza

For the love of pizza

Parker Rezner, Assistant Lifestyle Editor March 6, 2022

Rosa’s Pizza located at 180 W Main St has been a staple of Whitewater cuisine for years and it was proven yet again this year, being voted into the top three best pizza restaurants in town. After a fire...

A new Sled Shed now resides at Tripp Lake Park for community members to use over the winter months Jan. 21, 2022.

Winter fun in Whitewater

Dauntae Green, Managing Editor January 30, 2022

In the winter season there can be many things to do in Whitewater that would be fun, chaotic, and can be what you need to help make memories. You can go hiking on hike trails, snowshoeing and sledding...

Whitewater welcomes new convenience stores

Whitewater welcomes new convenience stores

Alicia Dougherty, Editor January 16, 2022

The city of Whitewater welcomed a new Kwik Trip store to the community Dec 9. 2021 at 305 Elkhorn Rd. and will be celebrating the opening of another Kwik Trip store at 837 S. Janesville St. These two...

The University of Whitewater-Warhawks celebrates a hard-earned 3-1 win over the University of Dubuque during the home game on Oct. 13, 2021.

Women’s volleyball crushes the court

Sam Strash, Sports Journalist October 17, 2021

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater women’s volleyball team defeated the University of Dubuque (IA) in their matchup Wednesday, Oct. 13. The Warhawks won 26-24, 25-16, lost 27-25, then won the match...

Whitewater is home to many supposedly haunted locations and experiences. The Winchester House is no exception. It is rumored that the previous owner was cursed by a witch and now haunts this property, Friday evening, Oct. 15, 2021.

A spooky history lesson

Kylie McCombe, Photographer Editor October 17, 2021

A view of the past: The original peoples of Whitewater

A view of the past: The original peoples of Whitewater

Carol Lohry Cartwright, Contributor October 10, 2021

The “official” histories of Whitewater only briefly mention historic and prehistoric people who occupied this area prior to white settlement in the 1830s.  Yet, this history of ancient people and...

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater freshman Jenna Pergande bartends and serves guests at Second Salem Brewing Company in downtown Whitewater near Cravath Lake Park Sunday evening Sept. 5.

Back to business

Kylie McCombe, Photography Editor September 5, 2021

Evening Quiet by Susan Alter is a 10 x 10 acrylic painting on canvas that is on display as part of an exhibit highlighting work by members of the Geneva Lake Arts Foundation. The exhibition is hosted by the Whitewater Arts Alliance virtually and at the Cultural Arts Center gallery in Whitewater.

Art exhibit features Lake Geneva neighbors

Cennedy Hoppe, News Editor September 5, 2021

Whitewater Arts Alliance (WAA) is hosting a new hybrid art exhibition throughout the month of September.  The exhibit will showcase artists from around Lake Geneva, as well as others from Southeastern...

Teachers get tech ready

Teachers get tech ready

Alicia Dougherty, Editor August 29, 2021

Faculty, staff and administrators prepared for the new academic year by brushing up on their tech skills over Welcome Week. The Department of Instructional, Communication & Information Technology (ICIT)...

Thanks for the experience

Thanks for the experience

Ryan Piontek, Contributor May 2, 2021

With graduation arriving in May, it's overwhelming to think about all the hard work and effort that I've put in these past four years. My last semester here has definitely been the hardest with classes...

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