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Founded 1901

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Founded 1901

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Beyond The Résumé

1.   Dress Professionally.
Wear business-casual clothing, and ladies, paint your nails with clear nail-polish.

2.   Look up Interview Questions.
Think not only of what the interviewer might ask you, but of what you should ask the interviewer about the job. The interview shouldn’t be an interrogation; it should be a dialogue between two people interested in the common goal of deciding if the position/company is a good fit for you.

3.    Believe in Yourself.
Make a list of reasons why you’re qualified for the job. By reviewing the list you will gain confidence as the interview date approaches.

4.    Project the “You Attitude.”
Make sure to tell the company not only why you want to work for them, but why they should want you to work for them.

5.    Think Before you Talk.
Take time to listen to the question in its entirety and take a second to think about your answer. Speak slowly; pauses are okay.

6.    Pick “Clean” Food.
If having lunch with an employer, get a wrap or sandwich—something that isn’t messy.

7.    Practice Your Handshake.
Picture yourself squeezing a peach to see if it’s ripe. That’s how your handshake should be; not too weak, but not too firm, either.

8.    Just Relax.
If you seem comfortable at the company, it will show. Your prospective employer will be able to picture you working for them with poise and confidence. Remember, your employer needed to go through the hiring process too.

9.    Get All the Details.
Don’t leave an interview until you know the next step in the application process. Ask when the hiring decision will be made.

10.    Send a Thank-You Note.
Even if you don’t get the job, saying “thank you” will send a positive message and make a good impression. You never know when other possible positions will open up at the same company.

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Founded 1901
Beyond The Résumé