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Founded 1901

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Adventures Abroad

Hello Whitewater!

I can’t say I miss Wisconsin, especially with the recent snowstorm.

Kelsey Welke is studing at Dublin City University for her Spring semester. Above, Welke is exploring the city of Dublin with other exchange students.

The most action I’ve seen in Ireland’s sky is usually a rain shower every day, accompanied by a muggy, foggy layer.

The good part about this is that all the grassy fields near my apartment are vibrant and green.

The brick and cobblestone streets on campus shine from the rain, and all of this creates a beautiful, misty environment.

For two weeks now, I’ve called this beautiful place home.

In my apartment, I have my own room and bathroom and I share a kitchen and common area with three other girls.

The walk to campus is less than 10 minutes, and the walk to the nearest mall is only 20 minutes away.

I’m taking four classes at Dublin City University, which my university calls “modules.” They are held once or twice a week for two or three hours.

The first thing I noticed about being in class was that they have chalkboards, not whiteboards!

Dublin City University isn’t an old university, but there are brick buildings, cobblestone courtyards and lush, grassy areas all around.

The same can be said for the city centre.

Dublin is huge, with a population of just over one million, but you can tell it has history.

Instead of the industrial jungles of New York City and Chicago, with steel and glass skyscrapers, Dublin has brick and stone buildings, all fused together, with smaller glass windows. Instead of plain cement sidewalks, Dublin has beautiful brick courtyards.

I’m still getting used to how my professors and peers talk, with their slanted, dreamy accents.

I can’t help but giggle when they pronounce words differently, or say words like “craic,” meaning a fun time, “flicks” for movies, or calling girls doll and lassie.

Everyone on campus seems to dress really nice. Instead of sweatpants and cutoffs, I see fur coats and boots with heels.

I’ve noticed the European fashion is a little odd, just like their sense of humor.

The culture shock has set in and I’m getting more comfortable with getting around.

Rose Schneider, a senior from UW-Whitewater, and I have taken the bus into the city a couple of times so far, and every time it has been a new experience.

We’ve gotten lost more than once. Fortunately the older locals have a reputation for being nice.

Rose and I are starting to plan trips to travel around Europe, which may be the most exciting part about studying abroad!

I can’t wait to explore Ireland more.

Two weeks in, I love Dublin already, even if it rains a lot!

Goodbye, from Ireland!

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