Student government looking to construct campus pond

At Monday night’s Whitewater Student Government meeting, WSG Sen. Mary Morris announced there would be a pond-like water feature built in the campus mall area.

According to Morris, it will replace the strip of grass by the green electrical box near to Hyland Hall.

Morris said the pond would be almost completely donor funded and filled with water from the start of April until Thanksgiving.

“I think it will create a nice environment for the campus,” Morris said. “It will be a good contrast with the beautiful Hyland building.”

Morris said the donors were currently going over three different designs the WSG Campus Landscaping and Planning Committee submitted and deciding on which one they like best.

“We’ll probably go with what they like seeing as how they’re providing most of the funding,” Morris said. “We’ve been working on this since December, and I think it’s a great idea for our campus. It will really spruce up the place.”

Construction of the pond is planned to begin in June.

Also announced at the meeting was a plan by the Public Relations Internal Committee to start having WSG item giveaways.

Public Relations Director Jennifer Rogers said her committee wanted to do whatever they could to promote WSG.

“We decided on four different items we’re going to giveaway at constituent meetings and events like the business fair,” Rogers said. “Hopefully, it will bring more awareness of WSG to the students and faculty and then more people will get interested and join.”

The four items will be a water bottle, stress ball, coffee mug and a stapler. They will all feature the WSG logo and information on them.

“We haven’t had giveaways in quite a few years so we’re like, ‘OK let’s get this going,’” Rogers said. “We have five events we’ll be able to give them away at coming up, so it’s exciting.”