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Movie Review: ‘Project X’

Graphic by Kate Dodge

“Project X” is one of the dumbest movies I’ve ever seen. It’s not completely terrible, but it’s darn close.

It’s hard for me to explain exactly why “Project X” bugged me so much. There wasn’t one major thing that turned me off. Instead, there were just a bunch of little things that kept adding up to create one big, irritating film.

Thank God it was only 88 minutes long because those are 88 wasted minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.

The plot of this movie is centered on three main characters. Thomas is having his 17th birthday party, and his best friends, Costa and J.B., are determined to throw him a “game-changing” party.

They figure, after it’s over, they’ll no longer be picked on at school and will be able to “get” with any chick they want.

Along for the ride is Dax, a student in AV club whom Costa hires to “document” every moment during the day of the party. The gang drives around town getting everything ready for the night and then anxiously waits to see if anyone will show up.

As more and more people actually do, things get way out of hand, and it turns from an epic birthday party to an out of control riot.

“Project X” was filmed in the same “faux-documentary/found footage” style that recent movies such as “Chronicle,” “Paranormal Activity” and “The Devil Inside” have used.

Each of those have had wildly different results with this gimmick, and unfortunately, “Project X” falls more closely in line with “The Devil Inside,” one of the worst movies ever made.

There was so much hype surrounding “Project X,” I knew it would either be an awesome experience or an epic fail. I was expecting to see a film that was ridiculous and over the top, but I figured there would be enough humor and heart to level things out … that wasn’t the case.

Costa has a few good lines as the idiot friend, but he’s also way too mean spirited a lot of the time. J.B. doesn’t really do much at all, and Thomas is one of the weakest main characters ever.

If I had to pinpoint the main reason I disliked this movie, it would be the fact that it was impossible to connect, in any way, with what was happening on the screen.

Maybe I’m in the minority here and need to get out more, but I’ve never been to a party where the all the girls took their tops off before they got in the pool just because there was a sign that said they should.

I’ve also never seen a guy show up with a flamethrower and start setting cars and trees on fire.

Most of these ideas were, obviously, done just to make the party seem cool, but there could have been some basis of realism instead of none.

Some guys, mostly high schoolers I’d bet, will probably really like this film and think it’s the sweetest thing ever.

However, I don’t see many women ever wanting to see this movie. The most character development any female gets in this film is going from clothed to naked.
When I walked out of “Project X,” it took me all of two minutes to forget it. I went to meet up with some friends after, and when they asked me about it, all I had to say was, “Oh yeah, it sucked,” and we moved on.

There are only a few redeeming moments in the entire film, and they aren’t even that good. Don’t waste those 88 minutes like I did.

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Movie Review: ‘Project X’